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  1. I have posted in the morgue 4 TBs that have gone dark. "John the Dalmatian Puppy" TB7G0ZW, "Pogo" TB7F7FC, "Tiny The Dalmatian" TB7XCN2, "Cruella de Vil" TB7F7EY . All are part of my 101 Dalmatian group questing to London.
  2. Lost "Tiny the Dalmatian" TB7ZCN2, The second puppy in my Dalmatian set. Last seen in the hands od "TheGandyFam" 2017/03/06 at "Tiptoe Through The Tree Tops" GC1BVQA in South Carolina. Please put her back into play or contact me.
  3. Lost. "Pogo" TB7F7FC. Pogo was my first release of the 101 Dalmatians" series (6 different puppies released so far.) along with "Cruella De Ville" 7F7EY who also has gone missing 2016/12/05. Please put them back in circulation.
  4. I have Missing "John the Dalmatian Puppy" (TB7G0zW). He went missing after 7,837 miles and a tour to Italy. He was last seen headed to Quebec, Canada. If you see him, or have him, please put him back in circulation.
  5. GPa_LES

    TB milage

    has never gotten any proper drops.
  6. Hello . I am new to the forums I started Geocaching about 14 months ago. This is my first Forum post. I am in North Alabama. I also routinely go to Middle TN around Crossville. Presently I am building Caches and launching TBs. I started a series of TBs based on "101 Dalmatians", there are six puppies trying to get to London, England before Cruella De Ville. (another TB). After they touch base they are free to travel. I am one of those who people who carries a large assortment of items in my maintenance kit. Along with assorted sizes of Ziploc bags, logs, and labels, Stash items, TBs, I even carry 'O' rings. Having to carry a hiking stick, and a reaching claw stick now, Balance is going out. at the time of this post I am 74
  7. GPa_LES

    TB milage

    I am finding one of my TBs is not showing mileage even though he is far afield. any help? Item TB7F7FC
  8. I think an icon sharped like a hotel would be nice to indicate a TB Hotel. Also a way to search just for TB Hotels.
  9. I am a cache hunter in Madison AL. I frequently hunt alone. Anyone want to hunt with me? I am new to hunting and as of the post just found my 105th cache.
  10. For me It was a simple choice. I am the oldest generation of this family line to carrying this fist name. I am Grandpa (shortened to GPa) and the first name "Lysle", hence 'GPaLysle'. I am actually a Jr., My son is "III", and his son is "IV". We each have our own GEOCaching account. On the rare occasions when 2 or more of us hunt together, we sign in as "The Shields Tribe". Keep your eyes open for my wooden nickels that I will be putting into some caches. They are numbered. The first one to be released when I get them back from the printer will be #00005 since I'm keeping #00001 thru #00004 for myself and The Shields Tribe. I will place it into my first cache. AKA: Feather With Spots - Another story for another time.
  11. I too, frequently hunt alone. I am in the Madison AL area. I am a newer member of about 6 weeks or so and only have about 108 finds at this time.
  12. I am new to the sport. I have only 42 finds to my record. I am an avid photographer and artist too. The way GEOCatching.inc works today, it is an easy task to upload a photo. I have gotten into the habit that when I find a cache I take out a sheet of white paper, lay the cache and anything interesting in it on the paper. If the cache need maintenance it usually shows up in the photo. I do this this way so as to not disclose anything about where the cache is physically located. Then I take a Photo with my phone (my GPS device) and a camera (back-up photo). Redundancy is a smart action. I then use the smart phone to crop away the excess so that the photo file size is smaller. then on the page for that cache page where you find "Found The Catch!" on the right side is a small icon for uploading the picture. I also write a small remark (story) about the find. If I forgot or messed up the phone photo I still have my camera file when I get home. Hope that Helps.
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