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  1. I NEVER waste my time using the GC search function. Found out early on that the only way to find something geocaching related is through google
  2. There are a few in this area too. I remember one where I had a devil of a time getting to the first (lowest ) branch in order to climb to the cache. I happened to meet the cache owner a couple of days later and commented about how hard it was, and me being 72 at the time, he was really impressed that I had climbed it. He said that he would NEVER try to climb that tree! Didn't think it was safe! He used a painter's expandable pole to hide it and just assumed folks would use something similar to retrieve it. There WAS mention of TOTT in that cache description but I just thought he meant a ladder, or something.
  3. 11 or 12 for MsKitty. She's the one who never wants to quit, but keeps saying ... the next one is only a couple of miles ... or it's only 5:30 ... we've still got some time!
  4. MsKitty uses an Etrex 20 and loves it. I use a smart phone to navigate while on the road using GDAK and then we follow the 20 and have very good results with it. I usually just leave my old GPSmap 62s in the truck because the Etrex 20 is more accurate 9 times out of 10. She likes it well enough that when her old 20 gave up the ghost a couple of years ago, she wanted another! We use Gsak to load and work with the garmins, so windows version shouldn't be an issue as long as Gsak works on them. We don't hesitate to recommend the Etrex 20 Oh yeah, a buddy uses an Etrex 20 and has logged 11,500 caches with it!
  5. Yep Of course, it would not annoy me, because I don't "ever" check the log books against the online logs. What a colossal waste of time! Cheaters are only cheating themselves.
  6. We have one caller BATteries NOT Included (in a fake bat house) that requires the cacher to have a AA battery. It has been very well received with 17 favorites out of 24 visits. It needs an AA battery and it is well pointed out on the cache page, so if the cacher uses a smart phone they have ample warning before they hunt for it. With a gadget cache like this I believe it'e better to keep it simple. I've only had to check on it once to make sure it was working as intended. The OP's idea will need a lot of maintenance
  7. Look at the link. You can see the whole episode now. The show answers your question. Good show, by the way.
  8. And if they're new, it wouldn't hurt to sent them a message, if you can, explaining so they know what they might have done wrong.
  9. This MsKitty uses an etrex 20 and has great success with it.
  10. Some scheme for souvenirs for cache ownership would have no effect at all on me ... I just now went to look at my souvenirs for maybe the third time ever, just because of this thread. I couldn't care less about them! Now if you could make it mandatory for finders to actually write logs on found caches, I'd be all for that and would consider that a great incentive to hide caches!
  11. not a silly over-reaction at all. If they were to allow even as good a concept as the agenda you had in your description, then that would set a precedent and have to allow other "well intentioned" agendas.
  12. The worst/best one we found was a blinkie glued onto a penny and was in plain sight on the side of the road in the gravel on a "no maintenance" road. Had to use my metal detector to find the *&*&$ thing!
  13. The best/cheapest ones I found were at a pet shop. They were sold as I.D. capsules for dog collars. I think 2 for $7 or $8 Fine threads and as waterproof as those things get. (which isn't saying much) I just took out the paper for name/address and put in a log sheet of right in the rain paper.
  14. Decoy caches can be fun. We found one a couple of years ago that told you in the cache page that the difficulty was finding the proper log sheet to sign. The cache itself was an ammo box with the normal film canister inside for the log ... but it wasn't! In there was a paper saying "close, but not the log! Do NOT sign this" Turns out the log was actually the pen in the ammo box. It was a larger pen that you had to open to find the log sheet inside. We got a bit of a chuckle out of this. Of course, you would have discovered it right away if you tried to use the pen.
  15. The signer of the log sheet could have accomplished the same thing just by scrawling something illegible. No need for invisible ink! I think it's all a scam to get at the OP for some reason.
  16. Read my post in the light of what the OP was wanting. He has had his TB with him, and wants to track his visits using it. Nowhere did I say they, or anyone else should dip "Every TB in their inventory", and would never want to see that being done! I was simply suggesting a way he might be able to do it with the single TB in question, for the caches he said he has missed without having to open each visited cache again. He certainly has the option of logging his TB into the caches he has visited.
  17. I just use 3 different "camo" coloured krylon spray paints (black, and 2 different woodland greens" and kind of hand camo them. I've just sprayed right over the original and have never had any problems.
  18. If you use GSAK, there's a macro called DipTB.gsk that will dip a TB into all your finds. IF you read the first instructions it tells you to (quote) Set a filter for the found caches you want the Trackable to visit. Your filter should exclude any caches you have not found and also should exclude any caches the trackable has already visited (logged). The macro has no way to know if you've already logged the trackable into a particular cache, so if you do not exclude caches from the filter that already have a visited log for this trackable, a duplicate log will be created on the trackable's page. I don't know how to set this filter, but the folks at GSAK should be able to help you. This way, you should be able to run it and have the TB dipped into any caches you have missed. DISCLAIMER I have used this macro on my "MY FINDS " PQ and it worked as advertised ..... I HAVEN'T tried the above process, so check it out carefully. I'm sure you don't want it logging the TB twice into caches you have already done so.
  19. I have one that when opened, there is another magnetically locked lid inside with a pirate map on it, complete with an "X". Text on the map tells you you have to find the nearby "Key" to unlock the inside lid. The "key" is a gold coin (magnetic) that when placed on the "X" on the map it allows one to open the locked inner lid. The gold coin is attached magnetically to the box. The lock is simply a deadbolt that is blocked from moving with a pin that lifts out of the way when the "key" is placed over it (the "X") The gold coin is 2 plastic novelty gold coins each hollowed out a bit on one side then glued together with a strong rare earth magnet inside. My ammo box happens to have a convenient dent in the bottom that holds the coin well. You could have some other method of hiding the "key" It was hidden in 2012 and has 36 fav. points. I have to do some maintenance now (as of 2 days ago) but it has lasted surprisingly long! Blackbeard's Treasure
  20. Pretty sure it was a chipmunk, but I guess you never know.
  21. We found an ammo box cache and when we opened it, there was a dead chipmunk inside. And it was locked shut so there was no chance for it to have gotten in on it's own. One can only hope that whoever did that came to an untimely end after to help purify the gene pool.
  22. I do basically the same but I use one of these to connect (StarTech 8in USB Cable-Micro USB to Micro USB-M/M-USB OTG Mobile Device Adapter Cable 8-Inch) Actually, I make the data base I want in GSAK and save it to my computer (or tablet) using the "Tools/Folder Finder/Databases" functions in GSAK, with it's own name. In the field, I connect the GPSr to the Android. The GPSr goes into USB mode. Open the files in the Android and the Garmin shows up as a USB mass storage device. Delete the old GPX file from the Garmin, just like you might do on a computer. Copy the "whatever" GPX into the Garmin folder. After a decent interval (wait for the copy to complete) disconnect the units. Turn the Garmin on and you now have the caches for "Whatever" in the Garmin. The only other thing I've found is that if I don't wait a minute or 2 after transferring the file, I get an empty DB in the Garmin. If I wait a while it's all there. But that may just be the old Garmin I'm using.
  23. That would warrant an email to HQ Maybe one of the mods here might be able to answer this, but likely others would just be guessing.
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