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  1. Frogs, slugs (in and on caches), horses (some not very friendly),squirrels, Foxes (dead and alive), red deer, weasels, cats (dead and alive), cows, sheep, goats (wild and domestic), adders, hedgehogs, ducks, kestrels and swans Think that's it, other than my dog who is normally with us.
  2. Two very scary, very large and very frisky horses, who yesterday were circling me and kicking out. Have to say I have never been more scarred of an animal as I was then. Especially as I had three young children with me. In the end a stern "No get away" did the trick and we proceeded along the path very quickly and out of that field.
  3. Fully agree, I also feel that Challange owners should have the ability to delete blatent false posts, that are not at the right location (or country).
  4. Fill it in, but uncheck enable cache (near the top of the page)
  5. Do you mean these trail cards Trail Cards
  6. New Bugs set free recently Diomede the WarhorseRecently retrieved from Brownsea Island Red TykeCurrently on Brownsea Island Barnsley Bulldog Currently waiting the start of the Nottingham to Nottingham Race Fast BoatTaking part in the Jersey to New Jersey Race. Currently appears to be in Holland, having travelled via Hong Kong. Three released on behalf of cadets Sir BedivereSir LancelotSir Galahad
  7. Took two mindees out Treasure Hunting today, they both loved retrieving caches an swapping swag.
  8. Spotted a pair today, pull up in their car, walk towards site of one of my caches, said to my daughter "Geocachers", she replied "how do you know, they may just be looking at the *******" I said "No, Geocachers" just then young man slide his hand into location and grabbed cache.
  9. "not showing" where? When I look at your profile, I see "19 caches found". 5 were logged as found today. Is this incorrect? They weren't there when I posted, honest . Must just be a litle slow today.
  10. Got the same problem, logged 5 today and none are showing.
  11. I would have thought that was enough to put you off for life.
  12. You could hire a GPS unit Outdoor Hire There are also various sites where you can borrow/hire a GPS to use there, including the following: National Trust Trailnet (Country Parks) Yorkshire Dales (wrong end of the country I know) Hope that helps a bit.
  13. My son has a sevylor kayak, great fun and surprisingly sturdy.
  14. I have read about the National Trust Geocaches, sounds great.
  15. Well as a Childminder and Youth Leader it just makes sense.
  16. Hi I am a childminder and take the kids out "treasure hunting" most weeks, they love it.
  17. Thank you, I didn't think there was.
  18. Is there a way to search for other Geocachers, by area or join date?
  19. Thanks downloaded for a look.
  20. WOW where in the world do you live? The UK.
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