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  1. thanks old school 65, nice wood! Got yours in the mail today,..thanks for the trade!!
  2. To all those that requested a trade with me of wooden nickels,...they are all on their way...dropped them in the mailbox this evening!
  3. Private Message Sent. Hope to trade soon! PM sent back to you.
  4. Our Wooden nickel is my avatar,..we had 500 made, each are individually numbered but not trackable..Avatar pic does not show number, we drop them in caches as a sig. item...anyone interested in trading, just drop me a line...BTW, on the reverse side are our sons caching names, and the New Jersey Geo-logo.
  5. Those jeeps are still out there,..I picked one up in Feb. out of a cache in South Amboy New Jersey and dropped it into a cache near Valley Forge Pa...it has moved on from there since.
  6. Planet, Although I am only caching for 4 months now, I came across this thread tonight and spent an hour reading it all...this has to be the best thread I have read in a long time...thanks so much for keeping it updated. We have a nesting pair of Eagles here in New Jersey nearby my house that has a cam on it..I would throw the link here but not sure how to do so..However if you google " Dukes Farm Eagle Cam " you should be able to get the link.. nothing to see at night though... there are currently 2 lil Eagles that hatched last week...SADLY, there is no sign of Ozzie in their nest.. This is the link www.ustream.tv/channel/eagle-cam
  7. I also received one of these coins with an order...they are already activated..by Garrett. All we get to do with these TB'S is move them along...just a cheap promo item.. kind of cheesy if you ask me
  8. Well 5 days went by, and what did I receive today??.. My Oregon 450's that were not due to ship til May. Nice Job Cabelas!!!
  9. Yep, same here..I have two on order,...back ordered...they told me til May 1st.
  10. The cache looks to still be active,...though the last few logs for it are DNF'S...looks like the CO, is not caching much anymore..Logged 1 find in the past couple years.
  11. It is a great unit, I have one, at first, I too had a problem figuring out how to manually enter coords. The instructions did not seem too clear to me. I just googled "how to manually enter coords in a Garmin Etrex H"...and got my answer. there is also a cord you can purchase to download the coords also.. However, if you really think this is a hobby you will continue with, check out the Garmin Oregon 450..I recently purchased that and love it...it allows for paperless Geocaching...meaning you can download a caches coords, description, hints, logs ect.. Although I do have the 450, I will not part with my etrex H,...I am very happy with it and keep it as a backup..
  12. Mine is not a long story that could have been embellished, but also not a short TFTC! log. With only a little over 100 finds, and geocaching for 2 months,.... this is my log of a cache that not only was a challeng, but introduced me to my first geo-friends The Cache is called Pot Luck and is located in South Plainfield New Jersey, On the day it was published we had over 2 feet of new snow on the ground! View Geocache Log old_school_65 found POT LUCK Thursday, 13 January 2011 New Jersey Edit Log Delete Log Upload Image Yesterday, after working on Heavy snow removal with Meteorologist for about 20 mins or so, and meeting Maggie02123 and Gallfamily,..I had to depart GZ, as I had exhausted my lunch break and had to return to work. I returned early this morning, with some additional info on the cache and was able to put my hand on the cache in short order.. I signed the Log just under Lat.dude, I took the dice to remind me what a crap shoot it was trying to locate this cache yesterday and left a Polar Bear Club Patch, to Honor the above mentioned cachers that I had the pleasure of playing in all that snow with yesterday,, It was great to meet you all, and look forward to crossing paths with you all again...Maybe, just without all that snow!! Thanks!
  13. Will Do! Many thanks BlueDuece
  14. The caches are gone, one of them, my son and I were the last to find the cache..that was yesterday morning...and the were missing this evening..verified by the CO... What exactly is re-releasing? is that sending out another bug, using the copy tag and it's number of the original bug. How does that work if it is not the same object or mission,... would I go back to the TB'S page..and edit everything, such as bugs name, description, mission and photo? could I just leave them as missing'..or possibly delete the TB's pages,.. order new bugs and move on from there?...I really do not have to worry about the bugs history, as they were brand new TB's and in their first cache. I know all this is probably in a thread somewhere in the forums..If anyone has a link I would be grateful.
  15. Ok, locally we had 2 new ammo can caches place in a huge swamp in my area...My sons and I located these caches and between the two, place 3 of our new Travel Bugs..into these caches yesterday morning. This evening I got a PAF call from a fellow cacher trying to locate these caches... long story short after sending pics to the CO'S of the hide locations, it has been confirmed that these caches have been muggled. Very disappointed are my kids and myself about this..being newbies, these were are first TB'S we released, not to make it a day in the wild. My question is what action do I take for these missing Trackables.. Do I go to their pages and mark them as missing?,..or do I wait for a period of time? or, just let things lay and see if they ever do pop up again? Regardless, even though we are disappointed here, our plan is to order more TB tags and begin again...I am just grateful that I did not place some of the TB'S and coins of others that I have in my inventory into these caches..I would have felt horrible to have lost these. Any info is appreciated.. Thanks for just letting me vent our disappointment.
  16. I purchased a Garmin e-trek H last month..I too was stumped on how to enter waypoints...the manual does not explain it well at all.. It was only after I googled " how to manually enter coordinates in a Garmin E-trek H" did I find my answer.. It is very simple ...I did get the cable off ebay,..to make loading much easier,... If you are still set on returning it, I recommend spending the extra money and go paperless..After about a month of using the e-trek, I got tired of printing out all the cache logs ect..I was lucky to pick up a Garmin Oregon 450 and it is worth every penny...I get everything I see on the cache page on Geocaching.com loaded into the unit,..coords, cache name, hints, logs, ect.. No papers to carry, ect. Just for the record.. I still have my e-trek H..I really do like it and carry it as a back up.
  17. Hello everyone,.. My name is Mel, aka old_school_65..I use old_school because I breed snakes and sold under that name at one time..had to add the _65 because old_school reportedly was taken. I am married to liljeanette_65 ... crazykirby and backpacker_44 are my sons..my hobbies are breeding snakes, Scouting with my two sons and now, Geocaching with my family.. ...Ok, here is my story.. This past November, the day after thanksgiving, our Boy Scout Troop went for a "Turkey Day Hike" we did a 10 miler on the Columbia Trail in Hunterdon County New Jersey.. one of my fellow leaders ( Bobwhite_44 on geocaching.com) had some geocaches for the boys to locate,,,My wife took the hike with us that day and afterwards told me she liked the "Geocaching thing" the Troop did. So, for Christmas, my sons got her a Garmin e-trek H. Not wanting her to be frustrated with it on Christmas day, my sons and I tried it out on Christmas eve ( while she was working) so we could fast track her learning to use it... Well that was my fortunate mistake..as I got bit by the bug hard that day. Christmas day arrived and we were out geocaching by noon..and all day the next day...and for me, almost everyday since!! After finding my first coin in a cache, ...a new addiction has spawned.. I have 4 coins now,...but know it will multiply soon. I found the forums here soon after starting geocaching...so I am still a newbie here also.. We have released some travel bugs,..and plan to put out some of our own caches soon, ( want to get some experience first) ect.ect. My story can pretty much be confirmed by looking at my stats., Funny part about it all,..this was suppose to be a hobby for my wife...oh,...did I mention I just love my new Garmin Oregon 450? paperless in less than 30 days! lol!! My Coin question is,...When will I know that I have enough coins in my collection and should stop adding to my collection?.!
  18. What a newbie,...messed up posting..will try again..
  19. Just dropping a note to say I was lucky enough to purchase this coin today... thanks to all who helped out. NOW,...moving on to the next coin...lol!
  20. Have you checked eBay? There's a rattlesnake/turtle coin on there now that actually rattles. Thanks! I already have that coin, it is a real nice coin.
  21. Okay, I have another passion in addition to geocaching. I breed snakes, and I recently saw a coin that I would love to add to my small but growing collection. I am looking for the 2010 Texas Challenge coin, or any year that is depicted by a Rattlenake. I saw this coin on line and figured what a cool way to tie my two hobbies together. If anyone has a rattlesnake Texas challenge coin and are willing to part with it, please drop me a line. Thanks!
  22. Thanks, I request the mods move or delete this thread, Thanks!
  23. I am looking for a 2010 Texas Challenge coin..( Rattlesnake) When I am not Caching, I breed snakes, and would really like to coin as it represents my two passions. I was wondering if anyone may have one they might like to sell, or may know where I may be able to purchase one. Thanks!
  24. If these will be available for sale,..please put me down for a silver coin!
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