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  1. For the last year I have, sadly, resorted to using my cane. With my inability to climb trees, scale cliffs and otherwise avoid caches with a higher T rating, I've embraced Adventure Labs. I haven't done a lot of them but I have truly enjoyed the ones I have accomplished. I find them to be a really great learning experience that suit me just fine. Of course, I still enjoy traditional geocaching but when I think back on some of the trash I picked through to find another bit of trash with a soggy piece of paper in it, AL's are a welcome change.
  2. Would it be worth your while to message an active geocacher who lives in Bermuda? Perhaps they have a source for the map you need. A lot of the geocaches placed in Bermuda are not owned by locals, but several are. When I looked, some of the locals show no recent activity with geocaching.com, but many do. Might be worth a shot.
  3. Thank you for this great information. I've forwarded it to my son. Hopefully, he will put an end to his flying 700, lol. Thanks again.
  4. No, he didn't say what mount he had. I thought perhaps there might be one outstanding, tough mount for the Oregon 700. Thanks for your reply.
  5. My son does a lot of biking on rough trails and indicated to me that there doesn't appear to be a really secure mount available for his Oregon 700. Unfortunately, it has launched into the bush on more than one occasion. Still works okay though, lol. Is there a more secure mount for that device? Thank you. Regards
  6. I have two 66s and one 66st. They all do this. I have no idea why but, overall, I find it to be a minor issue given the technology packed into these devices. As stated, once slowed, the compass settles down. I own several Garmin GPSr's and really appreciated the help I've received over the years from dedicated volunteers who sincerely took the time and an interest in my and others concerns. A lot of that help came from Atlas Cached. To me, your original post would have sounded much nicer if you had left out " I don't feel like searching through 11 pages of posts so I'll just ask a question". Just saying....
  7. It's too bad, that was a great resource. The only map I can get for the province of Ontario is dated as 20-06-2020. The same map I downloaded over a year ago. Now I use Open Map Chest.
  8. I also had a similar experience. I drove a long way to get three caches of which one had 19 favorite points. I only was credited for one find in The Science of Discovery and it wasn't the one with the favorite points. I contacted Groundspeak who eventually stated that it was an ongoing issue that their engineers were working on. But no mention of when it would be fixed or how I would get credit for the missing points. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this Forum page and took the advice offered by Rampensau. It worked like a charm! Thank you!
  9. I've now changed both of my 66's to GPS + Galileo and disabled GLONASS to just GPS on my 64 series receivers. I always trust AC's advise and I'm looking forward to some further testing. Will this eliminate my DNF problem, lol?
  10. I recently changed all of my so-enabled GPS receivers to GPS + GLONASS and they also have WAAS/EGNOS turned on. I did it through a suggestion from these forums by contributors that I think are very knowledgeable. Some cache owners place caches and average their readings and/or test their numbers by walking away and then navigating back to GZ, which generally results in us getting closer to the prize. Others aren't quite as exacting meaning it could be anywhere in a 15 foot radius, lol. In essence, here in Ontario at least, I'm finding that so far, increased accuracy in placing or finding appears negligible.
  11. I retired my 60csx ages ago. I loved using it but, as stated, printing additional info and downloading GPX files to it was becoming a pain. And trying to see the screen on my phone wasn't much better. I went with the GPSMAP 66s. An all around excellent receiver that has so much to offer, without the hassle. If you look around, you'll find it on sale somewhere and probably less money than what someone will want for a 60csx. Costco here in Ontario, Canada has the 66s on for $369.99. Now, let me see, I think I have a buggy whip around here somewhere.....
  12. I like what I've been reading about the 66sr. I have really been enjoying using my 66s and 66st and would love to add the new 66sr to my arsenal but, as usual, I'm waiting for a price drop or a good deal, lol.
  13. From the Garmin.com website under specs. Only 700i and 750i list CN as an additionally pre-loaded map.
  14. Only the 700i and 750i have the additional City Navigator maps.
  15. o, i luv peepl dat cant spel krekly! (Yess, imin faver)
  16. I have several Garmin GPSr's that can be recharged with the batteries in the device. Three units are still under warranty so I decided to use the Garmin battery packs on those three, but then decided to outfit the others also. For me, it's peace of mind knowing that I'm using and charging what Garmin is recommending. Also, I was concerned that there might be moisture leakage through the back cover due to a "thicker" battery, as a result of being elevated ever so slightly when using a plastic "shim" to defeat the switch. That was reported here in these forums. Finally, I like charging them in my car as the majority of my geocaching consists of driving from one cache to another and at day's end I can plug in. Needless to say, I carry spare Eneloops and still have a few plastic shims, lol. I paid $24.95 CDN ($18.95 US) for the battery packs at GPSCity.
  17. Do you think it's possible that GrateBear forgot to add a folder called Garmin to the SD card after he formatted it? And subsequently didn't place the map within that folder?
  18. I updated to version 4.10 on March 17 via Garmin Express.
  19. The battery pack does come apart quite easily and each battery can be charged individually on a charger that has room to accomodate the extra plastic. However, you cannot replace the batteries that make up the Garmin pack as the plastic switch depressing pieces are firmly taped on.
  20. Is #4 a "legal" cache? I once found a film canister pushed into a drilled hole of a utility pole very similar to the photo. I thought it was pretty cool but the geocacher who found it after me didn't. He ripped into the CO for damaging property and that was the end of that cache. Another similar cache was also archived for the same reason but the hole in that pole looked as though it had been there for awhile.
  21. Earlier this summer I reported a function issue regarding my 66s to GPSrChive. They confirmed the concern and listed it as bug #58 and suggested that I inform Garmin about it. I did that, and got a response back from Jessica of Product Support at Garmin International who also stated she confirmed the issue. The recent installation of version 3.40 has fixed that bug. And today, I received a nice email from Jessica asking how my 66s is behaving and supplying me with full installation details of 3.40 if I hadn't already done so. That was very nice and unexpected. Naturally, I whined about a few other issues when I responded back, lol. Seriously, it was a nice touch to know that my concern was being followed up. And I also think the staff at GPSrChive is doing an excellent job of being a go-between for Garmin.
  22. Now listed as bug #37 at GPSrChive.
  23. It's possible. I added pages and adjusted data fields in the trip computer. But I noticed the map right away. Especially the word USE staring at me. I also updated to 4.70 immediately after checking the version. I just received this unit today, my 19th Garmin. Not quite up to your ownership level but getting there, lol. I especially wanted this one for a trip to southern California next month as I like it's compact size and geocache live feature. Perfect for travelling. Sadly, my 66s is still misbehaving and I just can't rely on it. My heart sank when this little guy was acting up, too. But I've got a couple of weeks yet to give it a good workout. I'm hopeful. Regards.
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