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  1. the most dangerous thing where i live would be trash or a snake that can't kill you. The worst injury i heard of caching related in my areas was that someone was bited by a snake
  2. Maybe in one of them you found a laser who you point at a mirror who sending the laserbeam around and then pointing to the cache
  3. Myself i love going out on FTF trips. now i have 13 and keep recording on GSAK
  4. What about you have a pipe with mirrors in it, to get the cache you need use a laser so it activates a mechanism so the cache pulls out on a other exit of the pipe
  5. Becouse i have kept my streak off consective days caching
  6. i have 45 favorite points and i only give them for the very special caches i enjoy most , i think i have more the 20 left
  7. my absolutely favorite series must be mordgåtan lös fallet (murder mystery loose case) here in sweden, that have awesome hides.
  8. What is the game "i dare you" haven't ever heard about it, i would quess i'm on wrong continent for that game
  9. What's coming next!? World championship in geocaching?
  10. I think it's a good idea, Hide the cache as a cache you would want to find and then you will be sure people enjoy your cache
  11. I have done three, first i was excited but now i feel that i only do them when i haven't any cache to find
  12. how many caches have you in your gps? you now that the gps can't have over 10000 caches at the time?
  13. on word: VIRTUALS! i like virtuals and have done one challenge but i think they are bad, they need to be reviewed
  14. i use geochecker, next into all cachers where i live use geochekers
  15. my first 30 caches was in that category it's easy if it urban but don't think about it if you mean forest caches
  16. i thik mediterania would be a good destiny
  17. Where i live, all caches in the forest is bushwalk caches and it have often geotrails
  18. i wouldn,t be objected i'm planning a mystery just now try it later
  19. i just wondering then if the caches called challenge caches will turn into the new challenge cache?
  20. i like creative caches, caches i must search five different times to find, multi caches in the forest mystery caches who aren't to easy virtual caches earth caches Wherigo caches i even like that city micro's
  21. But that would be massmurdering but would the new virtual possible have a new kind of ghost icon???
  22. I like micro's and i do enjoy most of them, Except that day when i took 80 micros Out of 85 cache when the search got a automatic feal
  23. i are getting that containers who my parent's don't have a use to
  24. I like micros, i have hide one in a log in the forest and i have only gotten nice logs
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