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  1. I have one of those! 124 finds and I haven't been able to find it. Twice. What makes it even worse is I had my husband and three of my four kids were looking too - still haven't been able to find it... I secretly hope it's because I'm just using an iPhone and its not that we suck badly enough to be the only ones to DNF twice on a cache that people are leaving logs like "Quick find", "Nice easy find" and "First ever find. Quick park and grab."
  2. FWIW, that is one of the coolest proposal ideas I've ever heard
  3. I'm so excited - this one is close enough for us to attend and it's definitely on the agenda!
  4. My handle here is the same as everywhere else on the net... I'm so creative that way. On the upside it makes me extremely easy to find; though on the downside, it makes me extremely easy to find.
  5. That makes perfect sense and sounds like what happened, thanks!
  6. Interesting... I guess I had assumed that since it was in the geocaching toolkit it would be more caching friendly as far as waypoints. Husband put in the waypoint for where he wanted to go and it put in the pin drop, but it didn't really tell them how to get from location A to location B. (Edited to add: Meaning, it didn't say - it's X feet that way, or anything, it was just the pin drop and no access to compass, etc) They tried using directions, which is when it routed them out of the park and along the main roads rather than the probably 500 ft directly in front of them the cache actually was. Then again, since we're both fairly new at this, maybe we're not using the tools as they're supposed to be used. Can you offer any insight? What they ended up doing was just walking in the general direction of where the pin drop looked to be, then when we got close they started looking. Took only a few seconds for older daughter to find it, which thrilled her since it was only her second find ever, and second find that day to boot. (I'm "mean," I don't offer feedback if I've already found a cache that they're seeking, it's not going to teach them anything if I help them)
  7. When using this, how do you get it to allow you to walk along non-street paths? I tried it tonight with the hubs and kids on a cache I had already found that they wanted to try and I couldn't find a way to get it to walk us through the park, rather it kept moving us to streets and the estimated time was 50 minutes. I tried changing it to walking and it told me to "walk carefully" along the same road route as driving.
  8. Thanks for the feedback folks, I really appreciate.
  9. Keep baby wipes in the car. They have small resealable containers that you can just slide under the front seat and use as needed. Perfect for all sorts of unexpected situations.
  10. Can anyone advise me on the etiquette on for needs maintenance in caches? A friend told me it was common courtesy to not actually put it in the cache logs, because that was "calling out" the CO, so that is what I have followed because I wouldn't want it done to me. Instead if I found it, log it as found and then note the condition it was in if necessary and if it was just an issue of a full log, add more paper, etc to hold it over until the CO could get to it. Last week a friend and I went out and I emailed two CO and both were receptive to my emails and responded in a positive manner. I later went out and found a cache which was strewn here and yonder and the container looked like it had been run over with a lawn mower. When I emailed the CO, I got a short response about not emailing them directly because it was "unsolicited" and to just log it and they'd get to it "eventually." Honestly, I was a bit taken aback by this because I was trying to give them a head's up, but am I going about it the wrong way? Should I not be emailing the CO directly and instead just submit a log and be done with it? I've never had an issue where someone has responded negatively, but again, I'm still fairly new at the game. I just try to do as I would like to have done to me, and if something I put effort into getting out there needs fixed, I would want to know directly so I can get to it. Thanks folks!
  11. I really enjoyed reading all the opinions on this thread. For me, I log a DNF if I actively look for it but can't find it. If I get to a location and there are too many muggles, I wouldn't log a DNF because I didn't actively get out and search for it, I would just come back at another date/time. In another location I did not log a DNF because I thought I found part of the cache mangled along the trail (since it was a unique item that was hidden), so I sent a note to the CO and told him that it might need maintenance, only to find out that I probably found the piece he couldn't find last time he replaced the cache. He gave me information and I'll attempt the cache again, then if I can't find it I'll list a DNF.
  12. Pens (gel type, works best on wet logs) Baby wipes Ziptop bags (for replacing logs if necessary) Notebook paper Grocery bags (for picking up trash) Tweezers Trinkets Batteries Solar charger for my iPhone, just in case Small basic sewing kit Lighter/waterproof matches LED flashlight (forgot this the first time around) Leatherman Snacks (larabars/jerky/gum) There may be something else in there, but I think that about covers it - it's nice to see that I'm not the only one that packs for the journey, since I've been teased about the amount of things I carry around with me.
  13. I'm so glad I read this thread, I never knew that bubbles were a bad idea... I'll admit to adding a bottle once, but it was a standard size with a screw on lid and the person had a note advising he was taking the cache down the following weekend, so hopefully it didn't cause any issues. I feel kinda dumb now though, it would never have crossed my mind that it would have been a poor choice.
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