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  1. I don't really see the need for a new type of cache. To the OP, I know you said you don't have an idea for what type would be introduced, but just for fun, what type could you imagine being introduced?
  2. Here's my take: 1. I practice what are known as universal precautions whenever I go caching. Assume that there are germs everywhere, including on the cache container, and don't touch your nose, eyes, or mouth until you wash your hands. 2. The COVID-19 virus could be on a cache, so all you need to do is "Clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or nose." (WHO) 3. Just a guess here, but touching items in a grocery store (or any store for that matter) carries a much higher risk of cross contamination due to the number and frequency of touches vs a cache container. 4. Assuming one follows universal precautions, the only other way I can see caching as being dangerous would be to break the "6 foot rule". I don't think I need to explain this one, lol. So I plan on continuing caching, following these simple "rules." The great outdoors is the perfect place to be during a viral outbreak with its wide-open spaces and clean air! Happy trails my fellow cachers
  3. Well, all I can say is thank you very much! I love challenge caches too. I hope others that are in the area stop by to find my hides. They are all just south of Dayton, OH and right off I-75 so it's super easy to access them all!
  4. Was also thinking of a challenge cache where the user needs to have found a cache <1 meter above sea level and one >8500 ft above sea level. Doubt it would be allowed since those numbers aren't tracked by geocaching.com. Any chance to confirm this?
  5. Yes indeed. I already had a new, more challenging "bingo" creation made. I forgot about needing to have a checker. So I would basically need a checker for each box on the bingo card. Not happening.
  6. I have hidden (and found) many Challenge caches over the years. I recently had to archive one and am looking for a challenging and somewhat unique replacement. So I am interested in hearing from you. What are your favorite Challenge caches you have done, own, or are working on? Thanks in advance [:)]
  7. It can vary but I think that you should hear something within a few days of submission
  8. May I ask how you learned about Geocaching? If you heard it from a friend who has been, I would suggest having that friend take you out and show you how it's done. If you found it on your own, I'd still read the pages referenced above but then go try it with a friend. Two heads are better than one! Good luck!
  9. I keep receiving notifications in project-gc.com that I am both receiving a favorite point and that a favorite point is being removed simultaneously. The user is listed as §OPTOUT§4095§ which seems like some sort of bot. Can anyone explain why a bot would give and remove favorite points. Why would it even "care"???
  10. Have you tried to re-download the GPX files and doing it over?
  11. Now I feel like going out and signing a log sideways, on the back, away from all other signatures ?
  12. All that cheating is a lot of work for a computer-generated image, lol. I wonder what goes on in the cheater's mind. I mean, I worked rather diligently to get my turtle, but the little souvenir doesn't really matter. It is the fact that I accomplished the challenge set forth. My mind is satisfied by completing the challenge. I guess the cheater's mind might say something like, "I hope all my friends notice how I have this souvenir so they think I am really cool!"
  13. I threw one down once....at my wedding and it was a shot of Jack Daniels
  14. So I saw this the other day while caching near Mansfield, OH. It sure has been popular on a certain Facebook group, but I thought I would share it here also.
  15. https://project-gc.com/Statistics/Top?country=United+States&submit=Filter For reference....top finders
  16. Which do you think will happen first? Alamogul reaching 200,000 finds or mondou2 passing Alamogul?
  17. Finally got that World Turtle today! Enjoyed the challenge [:)]
  18. I am a bit of a numbers junkie thanks to some sort of OCD I may have. I have fun as a CO looking at some of the statistics related to my hides and the finders of my hides. So here are some of my favorites via https://project-gc.com/ Day with the most found logs received: 2018-05-27, 1254 finds Total favorite points received: 3059 (11%) (I am especially proud of the 11% part) Caching karma (#hides/#finds): 2.72 (32989/12149) So I'd be interested in some of your statistics as a CO! Let's shine a light on our fun numbers!
  19. Went out caching for the first time since the promotion started. While logging my finds, I was surprised at how many "You've earned a souvenir" notifications came up on my laptop. Wound up with 9 of them today. Fully expect to get them all. It's kind of cool that they make it easy for the casual cacher to get rewarded too.
  20. How do I disable email notifications every time a trackable of mine is discovered? I am getting way too many!
  21. Thanks for the help! Here's my results within 10 miles of my home: Micro 522 (50.4%) Small 278 (26.8%) Regular 124 (11.9%) Large 19 (1.8%) Other 91 (8.8%) Total 1034
  22. How/where did you generate those numbers?
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