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LadeBear68's personal geocoin


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:P:DB) I felt in love with this coin. :):D :D


I really would like to get my hands on those beauties, because I'm a very big Panda-fan.

That's also why my nickname is "Pandabeertje" which means Little Panda in Dutch.


Please keep me/us posted on how to get one or more of this very nice coins :grin:.

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Thank you for the compliments and great suggestions. I didn't think of copper. I am not sure what a satin metal is. A lot of credit goes to Jamie and Sara of Oakcoins. I feel sorry for both of them for all the questions and corrections I have had.


I'm certain lots of questions and corrections is just a standard part of the process. They'd probably be the first to tell you not to worry. They want you to be happy with your coin! :)


The satin finishes have more of a matte appearance - not shiny. In some coins this really sets off the design without drawing attention away from it. I think this can give coins a certain elegance and richness. But of course that is just my humble opinion. Other's opinions likely vary.


Also - when I had our personals made I ordered samples in both gold and bronze. They are so similar! But I felt the bronze was just a tad warmer in gold tone - less straw colored. Just FYI.


I'm sure whatever you choose it will be beautiful.

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We love coins that have animals, birds, flowers, Your personal geocoin is Absolutely Adorable. Our favorite metal is Copper, but this geocoin would look great in Either copper of gold to bring out the Green Leaves. We would be interested in trading /purchasing one when they are ready.


A side note: the money that is invloved to make your coin become reality and I am sure it is not cheap either, you should be able to ask all the questions and all it takes to get your coin just the way you want it. Lovely Coin. Please let us know when they will be ready and thanks for showing us the samples. :)

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Very nice design, love it! Front and back are both awesome!! I see why black nickel didnt work out so well. Little to no color seperation in some areas. I am sure what ever you choose out of the ones you like will look very nice, my vote is polished gold. Bling! :)

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