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  1. Man, that's a hard question to answer. There are so many good things about them... As a collector, I love earthy collors and nice graphics. Not necessarily flashy, but well defined. However too many coins are now dealing with non-caching topics. I'd like to see a return to caching-rlated geocoins. I know, this sort of limits people's creativity, but you asked... This, of course, does not include personal coins. I think the best still deal with caching or some aspect of it, but it's your coin (and if i don't have it, I'll trade for it regardless - just ask YY!). My $.02
  2. So many good memories. I finally met TSUN (Steph) as she paused from the selling frenzy to eat some potato chips. Got to meet Yemon Yime as well, that was awesome, especially since he saved my pirate bag of coins from being abandoned at his booth. The Trax challenge was awesome, me and R0ckM0nkey had a blast with a bunch of cachers on that one. Speaking of R0ckm0nkey, this is where my favorite memory comes from. I was busy shmoozing eith the other cachers, but every time I went into the Kids Room he was busy...and having a great time. He played a bazillion games of bingo (his words), got a stuffed giraffe which he gave to his little sister, and had fun with the cache-u-nut that was there (I forget the number). I was really worried he'd be bored all day, but he had a blast, and wants to know when the next one is. From a 9 year old that has a hard time paying attention to anything other than video games, that's saying alot. I have to give out a heartfelt "Thank You" to Rivercacher and his band of volunteers. I know everyone on the commitee and all the other volunteers did a great deal of work, and I appreciate them as well. But the Kid's Room staff made it possible for the parents that attended to do what they came to do, and not have to worry about entertaining thier kids. You guys rock!
  3. Don't worry. I don't really know how to play either. I wonder if they'll allow me to use a cheat sheet that has all the possible hands you can have. Just write it on your arm, that's where I tape my extra Ace . Seriously, this is gonna be so much fun. And since so many of the people I want to trade my personals with are on the list, I guess I won't have to try so hard to find them during the day!
  4. I'll be there with plenty of our personals. Not at a booth, you gotta find me, but if I don't have yours, you'll get a trade (until they are gone). Of course, I'll trade for other than personals, and I'll have some other traders on me as well. See y'all there!
  5. Well, I missed it, but I was after the albino, so it's all good. Trust me, tsun, we'll hang in there, if only because you give us real time feedback. I'm still waiting on a coin from a vendor that went out of business, so just knowing that we will eventually get what you promise is head and shoulders above others. Keep us posted!
  6. One of our personal coins would love to come to your event, and be discovered by all that attend. Please send me an address, and I'll get it out to you. Since we can't attend ourselves, we'll do it by proxie.
  7. Soooo...it wasn't enough that you had to make cool turtle coins, but now the dragon is looking good too? Why are you trying to bankrupt me, tsun? WHY?
  8. I'm gonna go with: 22 Aug 3:12 PM 8 kg You already have one of my coins, so...we'll have to talk about a different trade.
  9. Due to several things stacking on top of each other (my work schedule, vacation traveling, and a loss in the family), R0ckM0nkey was just today able to make it to the Post Office. He won't tell me where he sent it, something about "It's just for kids, Papa!" Anyway, it's off, and we're really sorry about the delay. Mission on!
  10. Great work, having the blood of Celts running through our veins we are most appreciative. I would like to trade yours for our, and of course I will be buying if there's no trade to be had. We wish you well.
  11. Nice, I really like it. The changes really tie everything together. So...you gonna save one to trade with me?
  12. For us, the coin, story, or something else has to make us say "Nice!" And of course, charities always make us sit up and take notice.
  13. There's another RoadRunner coin, with MooseMob on the back, and that one is on Coincodes.com I know that doesn't help, but at least you know where the confusion is coming from. Maybe that will help narrow the search.
  14. I like it. Simple is nice, you don't always have to get extravagant if it means something. Is this going to be your personal? I only ask because it doesn't have your name on it anywhere. One more question: Why did you steal our sig line? Just kidding, it's just funny that I had this on a bumper sticker 10 years before I started caching, yet it describes what we do so well. And it's on our coin (in Gaelic). Maybe that's why I like yours...
  15. very nice. If you're taking votes, the AS and Copper ones look best, I think. But they all look fantastic. So...you saving one for me?
  16. I've ordered mine, but I'd still like to be added to the trading list!
  17. I knoew there was a reason I registered for GCF!
  18. Well, I have now been called a liar that never sent out the first coin. This individual is now on auto-delete. I only post this, as I believe this person to be the sort who would try to hurt my trading reputation here. I will not post thier name, as that is beneath me, but rest assured, I will not be trading with this individual again. For all of you who have made wonderful trades with me, I thank you. I will not let this sour my hobby. Thanx for all your support.
  19. Congrats, LJ! We didn't make an offer, as we haven't been doing this long, and don't have very many coins to offer. tsun makes great coins, all will agree. But it's things like this that make it easy to go back to her store time and again. We endure late nights, early mornings, server meltdowns, and crazy bandwidth issues because she makes coins for us. None of us (prob LJ least of all) expect something like this, but it shows that you do have your customers in mind when it comes to coins, and that you treat us more like friends than names on the other end of email.
  20. I looked into the forums, and didn't find another thread, so I'm starting a new one. Recently, I traded coins with an individual. I received his coin, in a timely manner, and was pleased. We had both sent them on the same day, according to the post mark, so I assumed that he would be getting his soon, if not already. I received an email a couple days later, saying that he had not received his trade yet. Now, I have had trades coming my way lost in the mail, as well as having some that I sent out lost as well. I informed the individual that if it did not turn up in a week, I would send him another, since sometimes the USPS is kinda slow. Yesterday (exactly a week later) I received another email stating that the coin had not arrived. I looked through my old emails, and realized that I had deleted this individuals address. I replied, stating such, and asked for him to resend his address so I could get him another coin in the mail within the next few days. This morning I received yet another email, containing the address and saying that this was the worst trading experience he had ever had, and demanding that I just send him back his coin. Now, if I had insured it, the post office would require 45 days before claiming the package was lost. I assumed it was lost after a week and a half, and offered to make it right, though it was no fault of mine. My question is...what did I do wrong? Should I have sent out another right away? Should I return the coin, or send one of mine? Should I be upset about this, take the blame for a deal gone bad, or chalk it up to him being someone who just shouldn't be traded with? Mostly, this is venting, but I'd really like feedback, since if I did do something wrong, I'd like to not do it again. Thanx.
  21. Got mine today, I can't wait til the wife comes back from vacation and sees it. I may not be able to cry, but she definately will. Great looking coin, Doc!
  22. Make them, and they (we) will come...with our credit cards!
  23. Yep, mine got here today as well. The gold is nice, but the copper...absolutely beautiful. So...when are the next ones coming? I'm drooling over the thought of a BN dragon on silver or copper.
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