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This is my wife and I's new beagle Wylie. He's 9 months old and already has 8 cache finds to his name. This is a series of pictures of him with a lobster TB that we found while taking some friends of ours along for their first geocaching experience.





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When you reply you'll see a bunch of buttons at the top of where you compose your reply. One of them is "IMG". Press it and a window will open. In that window is where you put your picture's URL.




The picture has to have a URL - that is, it has to already be somewhere on the internet. This one is from my dog's profile page in her caching account.

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EVERYONE knows Cujo around these parts. He loves geocaching events as can be seen by the numerous logs on the TB tag he wears.


Cujo has pooped in or otherwise marked territory in 13 states from coast to coast and has over 14K miles on his tag so far. He won't even be a year old until 1/13/06. :)


Here he is with someone famous:




Cujo also has his own profile....


Winston is Cujo's new brother:





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This is Breeze, a barely year old Lab. I don't go caching without her. We've found almost 50 caches together now since I got her back in early November. She is now starting to understand what caching is all about and for the most part will take me right to the cache.


The other night after finding cache




and another find..




and finally, Breeze after a long weekend of camping and caching. She slept all the way home.



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To all of you with Boxers, how in the heck have you managed to keep a boxer tame while caching? I have had Boxer's my whole life, and everyone of them is a wild and crazy kid. I'd love to take my Boxer "Roxie" with me now, but she is a spaaaz. Do you keep them on leashes? It is a neighborhood event when my dog gets out, she runs, and runs, and runs.....


I give a big thumbs up for anyone who has a tame Boxer!!!!! I wouldn't have any other dog though.

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To all of you with Boxers, how in the heck have you managed to keep a boxer tame while caching?  I have had Boxer's my whole life, and everyone of them is a wild and crazy kid.  I'd love to take my Boxer "Roxie" with me now, but she is a spaaaz.  Do you keep them on leashes?  It is a neighborhood event when my dog gets out, she runs, and runs, and runs.....


I give a big thumbs up for anyone who has a tame Boxer!!!!!  I wouldn't have any other dog though.

With any dog not just boxers you need to follow the alpha rules so the dog knows who the leader/alpha figure is and in return they'll respect you.


Never call your dog to you to punish or repremend them. They'll start to think that if they come to you they are in trouble and they'll never come when called. Always be positive and happy when you recall your dog and give them plenty of praise when they get to you even if you feel goofy.


To recall your dog you need to work on a lead line (25-50ft rope). Let them run out the line and get distracted with something. Call your dog then yank on the rope. Run backwards 10-15 paces as needed in a very excited manner to get the dog to chase you. When they start to run towards you put your hand holding the lead line behind your back and your treat hand in front of you so the dog has something to focus on. Two hands in front can confuse them. Do this several times even if the dog starts to understand. Eventually they will anticpate the yank and turn and come to you before you pull on the rope. Work with them in small sessions 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Make it fun for the dog and don't over do it.


Breeze was extremely wild and hyper when we first got her. If she got out she would be 200 yards down the road in a blink of an eye. Now she stays in the yard off leash walks with me around the corner to the mailbox. Out in the woods she is the same. Never gets more than 30ft away. Occassionly I use the beep collar to remind her she is too far ahead but mostly I just say her name and she stops and waits for me to catch up.


The most and effective part of her training is the alpha rules. They need to know and respect the alpha leader before anything else.

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Oh these are cute :D  This is my K9 Cacher - Sasha.  She LOVES this game more then I do...as soon as the GC Backpack comes out she's headed to the truck and ready to go.


Is this in NC?? I could swear that Reservoir Park South (logged it while down there last spring :D )

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These are my pups after recieving my geo-bone from LemonFreshDog.




This is my geo-dog Lucy the wonder pup. She just returned home on just a couple weeks ago after taking a week and a half "walkabout" around the big city.




This is Otter. We found her while looking for Lucy.

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This is Annie, a retired South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Tracker. In her prime, she was the Top Dog with over 300 confirmed captures/rescues. She's not too interested in caching at 13 1/2 years old with arthritis. She mostly just sleeps now, living out a well-earned retirement. The top of her head and her feet are now gray (since the picture was taken a year ago).

Annie the Retired SLED Agent

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Here's Orseto, also known as "Tracker".

Look for his TB... Fuzzy Fozzy Travel Wagon in a cache near you!


He is 15 years old (human) and if there's food around, he's gonna get it at all costs. Dead fish are a delicacy, especially to roll in, and boy do we pay the price for that. Other than that, he sleeps. Taken him out on a few caches, but he's more interested in marking his territory every five feet.



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All the doggies here are BEE-U-TEE-FUL!


I am MaceyBB from Alabama! I LOVE to go caching with my Peeps! This is my cache: Macey's "Home Away From Home" Cache


Yeah, you guessed it, my "Mom" has no children! Haa haa! I am her furkid...you should have seen the haul I got at Christmas...and from my "grandparents" too! It's great to be a dog in this day in age!


This is a pic of me getting my very first trade:




Cache on Fellow Canine Cachers! And Peeps too!

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Hi, this is my 1. cacher dog, Bella, a 6 years old belgian shepherd malinois. She's a real great sporthound, she likes running, hiking, biking, swimming and everything, going to everywhere, just not to stay at home.




She's my 2. assistant, Kyra, a 4 and a half years old am. staffordshire terrier. She's also a good cacher dog, and tries to keep step with Bella.




They're my loyal companions on my tours.


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