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  1. I will be going to the Spring Rally in MB this year. I have already logged some caches in MB and could easliy drop off your TB if you like?
  2. I got that one last year. Besides I to am partial to the old base also. I spent 7 years of my career there. Here is a photo of the A-10 that is located at the front gate only this was taken during DS1.
  3. Check out this one. They boast that they are the only company that can tour cemetaries at night. Now how did they get permission to do that???? http://www.bulldogtours.com/ Bulldog Tours is the only walking tour company in Charleston that can take you anywhere other than the sidewalks at night!! We have EXCLUSIVE access to the Old City Jail, Dungeon, and Charleston 's oldest graveyard! Bulldog Tours is Charleston 's premier walking tour company offering exclusive access to many of the most infamous and haunted sites. More than just the usual ghost tours, Bulldog offers a variety of evening and late-night walking tours that take you behind-the-scenes of the Holy City’s graveyards, back alleyways, Provost Dungeon, Old City Jail and deep into the Charleston 's Haunted Historic District.
  4. I am so tired of this debate. Rep Ceips doesn't have anyones interest in mind but her own. If tour guides can make money off of leading tours through grave yards why can't I find a particular grave marker via my GPSr? Here is the web address of one such tour guide in Charleston, SC. His name is Ed Macy and I took his tour last Dec with group of Basset hound rescuers like myself. www.hauntedhound.com This man charges people for a tour of the very cemetaries Rep Ceips says she is protecting. What am I missing here? He can charge to take a group through a cemetary, yes you are paying for his knowledge, yet I can't waymark a headstone? He is not the only one either, and I don't begrudge him or the others what they do. Mr. Macy is very knowledgable person when it comes to Charleston history. Just don't try to blow smoke up my backside by saying you are protecting the dignity of the deceased when all manner of tours are allowed into cemetaries but not Waymarking.
  5. Shameless vote for my avatar. The A-10 is the first aircraft I worked in the Air Force, nearly 24yrs ago. Now I am stuck with the lawn dart, F-16.
  6. This is Baxter our youngest Basset Hound. He seems to have some caching skills however it is leftover tidbit caches he searches for, in the dishwasher no less. The other two, Tanner and Cleo, are doing what bassets do best, lie around on the furniture and sleep.
  7. Well I guess I will have to wait for a while to add this one waypoint? I would be willing to manage a category for Motorsports related memorials. It could be a broad category, anyone involved in motorsports, not just the drivers, or riders. Car racing, motorcycle racing, snowmobile, boats, etc.
  8. Well here goes. I don't know if you are a NASCAR fan or not? The memorial is the one dedicated to the late Dale Earnhardt in Kannapolis, NC. The ruckus of which I speak was caused when his widow and the town of Kannapolis had a disagreement over the memorial. I would not even venture to ask for permission to place a cache there, ruckus number two. To much bad blood already. It is a nice place and many NASCAR fans visit it each year, so a waymark would be harmless. So there is my deleima, I had an idea for a great waymark location and no category to put it in. By the way I was born and raised in Kannapolis however I no longer live there.
  9. My 16yr old son and 10yr daughter like to cache with me.
  10. I assume by your response it isn't going to happen anytime soon? I tried to do a virtual cache with it and was turned down, as you know they aren't accepting anymore of those. The reviewer posted this answer: If you do not wish to hide a physical container at this spot but still want people to be able to visit it, consider listing your location on Waymarking.com, the new Groundspeak site dedicated to locations just as this. Check it out! So you see my deliema? I do not want to hide a physical cache at this site for two reasons. One a lot of people already go to this site to see the monument for the person it was dedicated to. Secondly, and more importantly, I really don't think I (or anyone) could get permission to place a cache here. I won't go into who the memorial is for but just getting the memorial dedicated caused a ruckus and guaranteed it would cause another if a cache was placed here. That is why I wanted to go with a virtual or a waymark.
  11. I see there is a category for memorials however there is not a subcategory for famous persons. You have Civil War Generals, Dead Poets and such but not one for Famous People. I have a memorial waymark for a famous person I would like to log, how can I get it done?
  12. Entered USAF Active duty 17 Feb 82 and still serving today after nearly 24yrs. Currently stationed at Shaw AFB, SC.
  13. It should be no suprise the lowly ammo can does so well. Look at it's intended use, to keep ammo dry and serviceable in austre conditions.
  14. I have no problem with the tours of cemeteries either. I myself have taken a few of these tours. I learned quite a lot from them. SC is rich in Revolutionary and Civil war history. My problem is when politicians talk out of both sides of their mouth. If big bussiness or industry wants something and has the infulence in the state house then it happens. However let a group of citizens engaging in a fun pastime ask for a little consideration and you know the answer to that one.
  15. Man do I feel stupid. I just couldn't figure out how to get to my gallery and come to find out I had already put pictures in there. All this Christmas stress has got my brain fried.
  16. I for one do live in SC and I think this quote is out of line. If you visit Charleston or Beaufort you can get a tour of the local cemeteries for a price. That's right, local tour companies have guides that take you on walking tours of the cemeteries for a fee. So you tell me if those companies are respecting anyones privacy? I don't think so. No they are earning a buck, not a smiley face. Just because Rep. Ceips doesn't like our sport doesn't mean we should be banned from cemeteries or other historical places.
  17. Are Premium Members the only ones that have a photo gallery or can I start one in my account without Premium Membership?
  18. After a little research I think I like the autorouting capabilities of MapSend Direct Route. I do have a question though. The Magellan website states I must have 5.0 software or higher. How do I tell what version I have on my GPSr?
  19. Team C have you had good luck with e-bay concerning GPS add ons? My wife is a frequent buyer of other goods. I haven't bought anything on e-bay so I am only asking if your experince purchasing GPS related stuff has been positive? Is there a particular seller I should look for?
  20. Someone earlier in this thread asked Shell111 where he would place the acron he made. Here is a cache (not mine) that fooled a lot of people even though it is an acron in a non acorn producing tree. Fooled me a couple of times before I found it.
  21. I have the Megellan Meridian Gold GPSr. I haven't added any additional software yet. What would be the next logical software to buy for traveling and caching? I already have a SD card in case I need additional memory.
  22. Thanks for the info and the link you sent works great. My base doesn't seem to be logged yet. I will fix that soon!
  23. Why can't I log waymarks to the Military (A place relating to soldiers, arms, or war) category? I see there are pictures loaded however the button allowing me to waymark a Military location is not visible. By the way I am active duty AF and have been for nearly 24yrs. Thanks for the help.
  24. Thanks for all the info. Yes that is an A-10 avatar. I am active duty , nearly 24yrs, and the A-10 was the first a/c I worked. Although I am now at a F-16 base I have never lost my love of the A-10.
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