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Your Cache Hounds

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Zoe is a good looking dog!


Winchester is the elder statesman of the clan and only goes along for the easy ones these days. He's 11, and the resident Robo-weiner. He has the finest back that money can buy, ($1800... :o) installed by the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. I have to give them props, they took my paralyzed, almost ready-to-put-down dachshund and gave him a new lease on life, now 5 years and counting. So he walks a little funny and wags his tail crooked, so what?


:D :D

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I have a really cool picture of my brother and I holding her at a cache a few miles down the road. It's actually framed and sitting on my bookcase right now.


Evidently though, I never posted it to the actual log page. I'll see if I can find it.


Here's a nice picture of Casey the Golden Cache Retriever:



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Is Gus missing an eye?  How'd he lose the eye?

I've got one of those, too. Here's Dexter (left) and Punky (right):




On a cache hunt, they currently function as "cover," but I've thought about seeing if I could teach them to sniff out caches. The problem is that the one with the better nose (Punky, the Springer Spaniel) would usually rather chase squirrels and rabbits than help me with something... I just don't carry that much sway in my household. The Australian Shepherd (Dexter) would drag himself across the desert for me, but the little one-eyed beast can grab a scent so much faster that he might as well not even have a nose.


By the way, Punky is totally blind from congenital retinal dysplasia, and she lost the left eye to secondary glaucoma. Since she's never had vision she doesn't appear to miss it, and still manages to get me in trouble with the mailman (he was coming up the steps once as I opened the front door, and she decided to seize her chance... literally!). Sheepish.gif



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What is Chloe? Or is she a pup? She doesn't look like a pup.

Yea she was a pup in that photo, just a few weeks old.

She's part rat terrior and chihuahua. Photo is abt a year old I would guess.

Chance is supposibly Pit Bull / Australian Shepard mix and TOTALY loyal to me.

Chloe is my wifes dog. LOL They now are 7 and 85 lbs respectfully.


BTW Chloe stands for:







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Layla, the wonder stooge, is right at 3 years old now. We got her right after xmas from a shelter.



When my wife got her, she was sleeping. Half a dozen puppies around her bouncing up and down and going wild, and she's snoozing in the corner. She really suckered us. Once we got her home, she went hyper, and has been ever since. She loves the outdoors so much that I'm certain she'll enjoy caching with me. She's going to have to be on a leash the whole time or we'll never get her back to the house.

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Kik is the greyhound on the left -- she hasn't gone geocaching with me yet. Peanut is the geodog on the right. She's a Jack Russel/Rat Terrier (Jack Rat). A great little dog to take geocaching.




And this is Cat (the dog. The cat's name is Augie). Cat used to do some geocaches with me, but he's 14 years old now (which is mighty old for a greyhound!) so now he just stays home waits for Peanut and I to come back with stories!



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This is Elsa. She is a good caching companion. She doesn't chase animals or people, and she can somehow always find her way back to the car better than I can with the GPSr. She is half Rottweiler, half something real tall, long, and skinny.





And here she is after a long day of caching being tended to by our cat Baci. Our new younger cat, Bella, has since taken over this duty. Don't ask me. They must like her.



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