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  1. Why do some people drive 10 mph under the speed limit in the left lane? Why do some people sit directly behind you in an almost empty movie theater, then talk throughout the movie? It's because they're jerks, and they're doing it because they can. If they get a reaction from you, it's all the better for them. Sadly, there's not much you can do about them - jerks will always find a way to be a jerk.
  2. I'm a lot more likely to write a longer, more detailed log when I find a cache that's clearly had some effort expended on its construction, hide, and so on. A bison tossed in the weeds at the side of the road every tenth of a mile will get a copy and paste of something like "EZ find." That's just how I usually do it. YMMV
  3. Yes, indeed. I don't know what I was doing wrong at first, but I ended up able to make the transfers. I appreciate the help!
  4. I apologize for not getting back here sooner - yes, my problem has been resolved. Thank you to those who helped me, especially Max and 99 (I was a big Get Smart fan, back in the day, so thanks for those memories coming to the forefront again, too!)
  5. Well how about that?? I'm back to the box where I can enter my GC number, and I entered the number. It automatically appended the (correct) name of the cache, which made me wonder how it couldn't find my cache if it was able to match it to the correct name. So anyway, I erased the name and other wordage, leaving only the GC number. It seems to have gone through!! File that one away under "who'd a thunk it?" Thanks for the help - I'm going to try and get the others out there before this worm hole closes again! Ed_S
  6. Ha! Maybe I have to go ahead and adopt your Waymark Cache #5 to make it go away?! Here's what I get: Geocache Adoptions Max and 99 has invited you to adopt the listing: CONTROL's Waymark Challenge Cache #5 Do you want to complete the adoption? Yes. I have read and understand the guidelines for listing a cache. Yes. I have read and agree to the terms of use agreement. Yes. I am willing to assume ownership and responsibility for this geocache. Don't worry - I'm down here in the Texas panhandle - I don't want to adopt any OK caches!
  7. I signed out of my geocaching dot com account and signed in again. Same as before.
  8. Here's an amusing wrinkle: When I scroll up to the "/adopt/" link, I get the questionaire part of the new owner's email. Three questions with checkboxes, and "accept" and "decline" at the bottom. I don't get the box where I would enter the GC number any more. So I opened a new browser page, and by hand entered geocaching dot come slash adopt and guess what? The same three questions with checkboxes and the accept and decline boxes at the bottom are there. Now how the heck did THAT happen?
  9. I got the test adoption - that's the part the new owner would get. "It looks like there's a geocache that needs a new owner - are you up for it?" I'm going to go try to enter the number by hand, even though multiple tries and multiple copies-and-pastes leave me pretty sure there are no errant spaces. For the sake of being thorough, let me give it a shot.
  10. FWIW, I've tried using both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and zilch with both of them.
  11. Uh huh. Same as last time - I get this: Geocache Adoptions We could not find the listing from the code you provided.
  12. It's me! Computers don't like me! I was thinking maybe there was some maintenance being done or something, I'm going to give it another shot, and see if anything's changed.
  13. No, none of them. I did the paperwork on this one, so it's in my name, and I'm trying to give it to the other cacher who's listed as an owner. We did all the work together. https://coord.info/GC6CKJX I also tried this one, which I also want to give to that same cacher: https://coord.info/GC3WHCT There are a couple more as well.
  14. Hi Keystone, I'm trying to have another cacher adopt a few of my caches, and can't proceed any further than entering the GC number of the cache I want to adopt out. When I click on LOOK UP it says it can't find the cache. I don't have any trouble finding it - I went to the cache page to copy the GC number, and all is as it should be. What am I missing? I'm using Google Chrome, if that matters.
  15. Where are you located? If you're anywhere around Amarillo TX I'll take you guys out caching and show you what's what. I'm sure some of the others here would do the same.
  16. This topic, as they seem to do here, has strayed off into "What-If Land" - we all know the tiny magnetic cylindrical cache container that holds a rolled log a quarter inch (6 mm if you prefer) wide. That's the nano to which I referred, and it's the one that comes to mind when someone mentions "nano." .
  17. Really enjoying the Jethro Tull memories. I wonder how many caches are hidden on railroad steam engines and are called "Locomotive Breath?"
  18. Thick as a (rhymes with "thick") Come on, you can do it!!
  19. You mean Ian Anderson? (yeah, I'm that old, too!)
  20. Some caching buddies and I were talking the other day, and this subject was tossed around. What does everyone here think? Me, I think it's not a bad idea, because just as a micro can be hidden in a lot of ways and places a small cannot, a nano can be hidden where a traditional micro (bison tube, etc.) cannot. Yes or no?
  21. "Other" is meant to give you the idea that it's not just a simple micro/small/et al. A conscientious CO would include pertinent information on the cache page.
  22. A "few" years ago I did a collection of caches in a rather large park, called Monty's 50. There were/are 50 caches that are micros, but are hidden inside something. I think Monty must have raided his kids' toybox or something! Here's the first in the series: https://coord.info/GC4JQ0Y If you're in that area, on the Ohio/PA border near the Ohio River, I highly recommend checking out this park. There are a lot more than just these 50 caches in there, and no matter what kind of terrain you like, you'll find it!
  23. Can I leave swag or expect to find any? No? Then it's a micro. Might go with "other" to explain the larger container the micro is inside.
  24. If it's that buggy to begin with, maybe it needs to be scrapped and re-thought.
  25. Here's one limitation - you want to contact a couple of cachers you met at a meet-and-greet to see if you all want to plan a caching trip. But you don't have their emails, because most people don't walk up to someone and say "Hi, I cache as XX but my real name is ZZZ and my email is aaa@bbb.ccc - what's yours?" Now I know you're going to jump on that, because I used the example of new acquaintances, who would logically not be on your Friends List. But you can't include multiple recipients sending any messaging that goes through GC.
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