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Welcome New Cachers


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First off - Welcome to the new cachers reading this board. It seems that every year around December 26, new cachers log on to Geocaching.com and THEY HAVE QUESTIONS!


We're a pretty welcoming group - and we're here to help. Unfortunately, many people skip over those handy "Sticky Threads" at the top, and there's an important thread up there:


Read First! Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions


In that thread you can find many answers to a bunch of questions, and links to other FAQs on the 'net. Here's a sampling of the questions in the "Read First" thread -


GPS Related:

What GPS Should I Purchase?

How do I manually enter cache coordinates into my GPSr?

Can I use a GPS while on an airline?


Seeking a Cache:

How do I find out about new caches hidden near me?

What Icons Represent the Different Cache Types?

Searching for Locationless Caches

Where can I find a web page showing wheelchair accessible geocaches

How do I get started with "Paperless Geocaching" using Pocket Queries and a PDA?


Logging Your Finds:

How do I log a cache that I searched for?

Do I need to wait for confirmation from the owner before logging a virtual cache find?

What is an "SBA log"?

Meanings of Acronyms and Terms Used in Geocaching

Can I log a find on my own cache when I go back to visit?


Hiding a Cache:

How do I Get a Photo to Display on my Cache Page?

What's the Purpose of a "Note to Reviewer" and How Do They Work?

How to add HTML to Your Cache Page

Where do I find the "Stash Note" to put in my cache to explain what it is?

How do I "average" a waypoint?

Cache Saturation Guidelines: The "528 foot rule"

Who's Watching My Cache


Travel Bugs

Where can I learn about and purchase Travel Bugs?

How do I pick up and drop off a Travel Bug?



What is CITO?

Is there a brochure that I can show to land managers and friends, in order to introduce them to Geocaching?

What's the meaning behind the Geocaching logo?

Ethical Guidelines for Geocaching

How do I become a volunteer cache reviewer?



Is the search feature on the forums broken?

Adding a Picture to a Forum Post

Why Can't I Start a Poll?

Forum Posting Guidelines and Forum Moderators

Where can I find the Off Topic Forum?

What is the suggested forum etiquette?


Also, please note per this thread that the Search feature is currently disabled on Geocaching.com forums. Others have suggested (and it's pretty successful) using Google.com and searching the forums that way. Put site:forums.Groundspeak.com/GC in the Google search box (followed by a space) and the terms your looking for.



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Absolutely welcome in echoing previous sentiments and I also would like to direct new cachers to the various regional forums where one can possibly get connected to local groups who would be more than happy to assist you. I know on my local level (The MoGeobunch) there are a number of experienced cachers and some newer ones (including myself) that would welcome the opportunity to help those wanting to get started.


Enjoy where caching takes you!


Bill, Tam and fam.

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I interrupt this shameless promotion of local caching organizations to bring you the following important message:


Welcome Newbies!! In addition to the wonderful links posted so far, you may want to check out:


Thot's Beginner's Guide

Markwell's Update to the FAQ and

CyBret's Geocacher University.


Lot's of great advice there for beginners. Welcome to the recreational activity/sport/hobby!


And now, back to your regularly schedule plug for the next local organization.

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Good idea.


A little off track of the thread, but it doesn't hurt to have this stuff in this welcome thread as well.


At some point down the road, I'll lock the thread as this "Welcome" will just become a list of local associations - but for the time being I think it's a great addition to my original post. Also, it should keep it on top for the next couple of days.


OK Future Posters: Make sure that if you do list one, that it's not been listed before:


It's in my signature, but here's a list for my area:

GONIL for Chicago area and Northeastern Illinois

Wisconsin Geocacher's Association

Central Illinois Geocachers Association

Little Egypt Geocaching Society


There are others in Illinois and the surrounding areas, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head...

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I think now's a good time to introduce myself (and my team).

I go by the name of Brae (pronounced Bray) and am the Mama of Team UOTrackers. I read an article about geocaching about 2 years ago and was pretty excited about it. Funds were lacking however so it got set aside as we were planning our wedding. So now a couple years have passed and for christmas my husband got me the Garmin etrex! Don't you know I hopped right onto the internet and mapped out 3 caches christmas day! I just love the hunt! My husband, Ancient, now wants his own GPSr so that he can head out to soem of the caches I may not be as interested in. Lastly you'll see in some of our findings, Andromeda. Andromeda is our now 9 week old baby girl! She loves going anywhere Mama and dada can go, so she'll be logging some finds of her own very soon!


We all look forward to becomeing part of this great community, as well as learning from you all!


:D:DB) Brae of UOTrackers

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The word bump doesn't mean anything, it is just some content for this new message which will push this thread back to the top of the Getting Started forum.


Welcome to all the new geocachers who are reading the forums.

I am bumping this even though it is on page one already.

It is such a good idea it should stay near the top.


I don't think Markwell will mind. :antenna:

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Eh im new, but not because i got a GPS.


Ive had numerous GPS's for years now, i think weve got 4 total. We have so many because we have a hot air balloon.


Only reason i decided to finally look into this geowhat site i signed up to a year back is because i am on holidays and dadgum bored.


I now have 6 cache finds and am planning a few of my own and a few TB's, and a subscribed premium member.


Oh, and i also have a very bad addiction i think.

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Thanks for the info. i'm not totally new myself, but i have finally gotten my own GPS unit. I've been with others, but never been out on my own. I've no teams, outside of my fiance and my 3 kids (all girls!! AAHH!!). It's nice to see there are still folks out there that don't look down on the newbies and/or first timers with no experience.


Again, thanks for the info.

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Yeah, thanks for the welcome! I saw geocaching first hand about a year and a half ago, when we went on an extended family hike and my brother-in-law diverted us to find a cache that was located near the route. It was kinda cool, but I gave it little more thought. Then my wife gave me a Garmin Quest for Xmas this year (I'm notoriously hopeless at finding my way around by car), and I thought, "Why not?" Thus, here I am. Still haven't been on a quest, but the weather's been utterly crud (rain, when I'd actually prefer snow) for days and I work until well after dark on weekdays. We're going shopping this afternoon and, Lo and Behold, there's a park & grab cache somewhere in the shopping complex we'll be stopping at. Hopefully I'll score my first find today!

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No I don't mind someone bumping my thread to the top of the forum. But I'll probably lock it down around Jan 2.

I wouldn't lock it too soon. After a little poking around with the ID numbers I've found that about 2,100 new accounts were created on Christmas day and about 9,800 from Christmas to today.


I would expect a lot more questions forth coming.


El Diablo

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We joined on 12/11/05 but did not start the hunt until 12/25/05. We are loving it. We have found the FAQ, the forums and the Podcacher podcast to be very helpful. Generally the tone of the forums is friendly and helpful. Thanks for that. Too many Inet forums are polluted by wana-bees and people with off-topic agendas.


THanks for the help so for and the help that will come as we post more questions. We will strive to help others as much or more than we have been helped.


WeR3 - Eric, Alison and Jackie.....

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Very new cacher here, actually, I found my first cache today. I received a GPS for christmas but I registered here a few months ago to do some research first. I have a feeling this is going to be a very addictive hobby.


Airmapper I live in Ky, thanks for the links.

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Howdy Folks, ;)


We are thejays residing in Western North Carolina.

We consist of:

Carl&Laurie (38)

Hayden (almost 6)

and Lillian (22mos.)


Thanks to my brother and sister in-law (who are prolly on this forum somewhere :blink: ) , we are proud owners of an etrex Legend. :P We've done one hunt so far, but DNF'd due to the Blue Ridge Parkway being closed. We could have gotten there, but the hike would have been longer than we were prepared for. ;) Looking forward to more searches, and it seems like we are amongst many caches.


Some background on us:

Laurie is a photographer, Hayden is an aspiring marine biologist/guitar player, Lillian is nothing but trouble (in a good way :unsure: ), and I am a machinist and former bicycle mechanic.

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I joined early December doing research for my Christmas present! Heck I just wanted one for driving etc. Never knew about this geocaching deal. Now the whole family and our friends are hooked.

We have found 11 since we got back in town. We have some dogtags and other items on the way from GC.com.


We are in Central Texas.


Bigwaves and family

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