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  1. After changing my email AGAIN and 4 attempts to send a validation, I have now validated a new email. Out of 4 validation requested, 2 goth through, one said it was old and to use the newest mail, it never came so I did it a forth time. Now validated again. SO, will alll my backed up PQ's start to pour into my new address?? Or are they waiting to got to the OLD address? OR do I have to requests them again, and hope the come tomorrow? They already show generated for last night (never came) and today (never came.)
  2. I'd suggest a different e-mail provider if you have a choice. (Not long-term, but for a time-critical PQ right now...especially if you have PQs in the pipeline that haven't been delivered.) Switched to work email an hour ago. Thought maybe they would show up. Nothing
  3. Using Gmail. Ran 5 PQ's around 8pm 3/5. They showed generated on the PQ page. Today 12 hours later still nothing. No probs in the past. I will attempt again today. I am leaving on my trip tomorrow! I have received new cache notifications
  4. We cached in Cozumel when we were there on a cruise last year. Our time was very limited after our morning scuba dive. We did several right around the square. You could rent a moped and do them all, as long as you had no other activities planned.
  5. We only had time for one cache last week in Cozumel while on our 7 day cruise. There were chaches at all the islands we stopped, but we were doing so much other stuff, we only had time for the one.
  6. I sat in a window seat from Texas to SoCal. It showed altitude and speed. saved all the trip data. Put in map function and zoomed out to show us zipping over the landscape. Turned it off on approach. Way cool.
  7. I just started caching this Jan. Up to 127 now. I have had my left hip replaced twice. First one was the defective Sulzer implant. They had to rip it out after a year (2001) and put in a new one. This has dislocated 2 times since, last one being in Feb. while on a surfing trip in Baja California. Since the dislocate, I have had a pinched sciatic nerve. It is killing me! Doctor wants to go in and replace the cup and ball to a new larger more stable one. Prolly do that in May. I try very hard not to let it stop me. But it does some times.
  8. I read the FAQ at Waymarking and still have a question. If I log waymarks (virtuals, locationless, etc) there, do they show in my main Geocaching user stats? thx
  9. I had asked my wife for a GPSr for Christmas for driving directions and routing. I never knew about this Geocaching. Discovered it while looking over the Garmin site. Now my wife anf 8yo son are so into it as am I. Clean (or muddy) family fun!
  10. (.. the influx of younger "deadhead" attitudes,) What the funny thing is, thats exactly why I quit touring in 1988!! The scene went through a big change with what we called the "Touch Heads" All of these kids that had only heard the "new" song the Dead finally had on the radio for a few years. The more things change, the more they stay the same! I did go see "The Dead" when they played Willie Nelsons 4th of July Picnic a few years ago. We had a great time. Thanks AG for a nice romp with good memories.
  11. Amazon sent me the wrong car lighter unit. Garmin sent me the proper one for free. Returned the unit to Amazon for refund.
  12. Thanks for the link. I never made the jump to CDs since up until last year I had a dial up connection. I'd like to burn those last shows on CD and now I can with DSL I do have 1st gen audience tapes from the DAT masters, but they're on cassettes currently. Two years ago, when we were moving into our new home, I liberated 780 Dead shows on cassettes. Most all of the shows were on at least two cassettes and a whole lot on 3 cassettes each. I had been collecting them since 1977. This was obviously before the internet. Was hard work back in the day. Post office new me well . I replaced most of my faves and shows I attended, only around 100, with CD’s. They were just taking up way to much room. They now have a very nice new home and are appreciated. OK, next contest!! I want one of those coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Great show. I went to that one too. Loved the Me & My Uncle > Maggies Farm! But it was not my last show attended. Very cool you were at that 81 show Is it still one guess per your day? The anticipation is killing me. I want one of those coins!! I have my next educated guess ready to go...
  14. 4/5/95 BJCC Coliseum, Birmingham, Al. I was at the '81 show in Houston with the first Man Smart.
  15. Thanks, I just did. I learned my noobie lesson. Have edited my photos. Had me freaked out first thing this morn.
  16. Yup, that's what I just did to mine. I learned my noobie lesson!
  17. I sent extramask a message asking to get my bugs back. Does anyone know if this person plays nice? Is he a moderator? I have also removed the pictures and will blur the numbers. Noobie mistake by me.
  18. this is my attempt at a logo. Made with pics I took on a surf trip in the South Pacific. (BC) Before Geocaching. Changed the tones to match geo logo. <<Let see if it works.
  19. I joined early December doing research for my Christmas present! Heck I just wanted one for driving etc. Never knew about this geocaching deal. Now the whole family and our friends are hooked. We have found 11 since we got back in town. We have some dogtags and other items on the way from GC.com. We are in Central Texas. Bigwaves and family
  20. I also got v7 for xmas. The DVD drive I had did not want to read the data. Had to buy a new DVD drive. Complete subdivisions that have had houses for over 6 years are not on the maps. I live south of Austin, Tx. I know they are building houses very swiftly, but you would think a BRAND NEW version would have this data. And why can they not issue incremental updates?
  21. Bigwaves

    City Select

    Brand New City Slect v7 = Blank disc Been lurking here for a while. Really enjoy all of the info I get here. Following the City Select thread I decided to plop down my hard earned money and purchace City Select v6 from Amazon with the free option of upgrading through Garmin. Got my software today. They shipped V7!! Put it in the DVD drive, drive strarts to blink and blink and nothing happens. I navigate to the drive in explorer and it says no disc! edit update> Works in my work laptop. Looks like I need a new DVD drive for the home puter! Santa!
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