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  1. I'm still pretty new at this, but I would say "no". Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong... That would be a pretty easy "find"! Scott
  2. Don't tell me you bow hunt bear with only ONE arrow in your quiver!
  3. I found this in the eTrex manual I have downloaded: To change map datum: 1. Press "page" button and switch to "menu" page. Press "up" or "down" to select "setup". Press "enter". Scroll up or down to select "units". Press "enter" 2. Press up or down to select "map datums". Press "enter" 3. Press up or down to select the desired datum. Press 'enter". Scott
  4. (Note to self: NEVER go back to Maryland)
  5. You look a little too anxious to perform that procedure there, John. Seriously, you guys saved my Mom's life last year (brain aneurysm). Well, maybe not your crew personally, but the guys and gals that do what you do. Got her from Neosho to Springfield in time! BTW, I'm a boring Field Engineer for a large third party computer maintenance provider based in Pa. Scott
  6. Thanks for the replies y'all. Didn't mean to start a big argument, I was just a little confused. Scott
  7. I don't understand geocoins for some reason. I've looked at every help topic I can find about them. A geocoin is not necessarily a travel bug, and lots of folks collect them, but how do I go about getting one (or several)? It seems that I have to be on such and such a website @ a specific time on a specific date to purchase one of these, but I can trade some (if I have any). Seems to me like credit, if you don't have any, you can't get any... Scott
  8. Geocaching can't be a sport, there's no ball (or puck, for you northerners) involved. Well, unless you find a ball in one, then there is a ball involved. I just call it fun, a heckuva way to spend an afternoon (or a whole day for that matter). Scott
  9. SPKr


    Can you change that before you reach 10 posts? ( And after 10 it becomes "geocacher"). I believe you have to be a premium member to be able to change your status at will. Scott
  10. I have the Explorist 200. Granted, there is no way to connect it to a PC, but I can manually load waypoints (POI's in Magellan terms) and have found several caches with it. I may upgrade if I feel the need for more features, but it works fine for me at this point in my geocaching obsession.... That, and the fact that my wife bought it for me for Christmas and I would NEVER have her believe I didn't appreciate it. Scott
  11. I would like some more info also. Thanks! Scott
  12. This method is somewhat easier to calculate than the digital root, but turns out to contain almost exactly the same information: The last digit of the checksum S is S mod 10 The digital root of checksum S is 1 + ((S - 1) mod 9) There are two main advantages of the digital root as a checksum: first, the digital root of the sum of two numbers is equal to the digital root of the sum of the numbers' digital roots: DR(x + y) = DR(DR(x) + DR(y)) And second, the digital root of a number multiplied by 10 is the same as the digital root of the original number: DR(10 x) = DR(x) That allows you to do digital roots a a little bit at a time. For example, to get the digital root of a huge number you can break it up into pieces, calculate the digital root of each piece, and then take the digital root of all those digital roots. I am guessing that this is far more than anyone ever wanted to know about using digital roots as checksums. Just don't get me started on checksums in general. Do we need a "Math speaking" forum like we have for French and German? My calculator just exploded. And I have a headache.
  13. SPKr

    Im New

    Gotta completely agree with this!!! That was a GREAT read! Is your real name Dave Barry or Pat McManus by chance? Thanks, Scott
  14. The way I see it is, if you are burning CD's from music that you have downloaded legally (i.e. "pay" sites or out of copyright stuff), there should be no problem with it. If you pay for something, why shouldn't you be able to give it away? I'd grab one if it was in a cache! Scott
  15. ScottFla, It's a 74 ( yeah, the bumpers kinda give it away). I've actually been looking for a 68-71 Westy camper for a while, but the prices are fairly extreme for one in decent shape! I know I'm off topic, but here's a pic of when we first bought it and started working on the many problems it had. But it IS our primary geocaching vehicle, so maybe I'm not off topic too much??? Scott
  16. Thanks y'all. I just wanted to do this the right way. Scott
  17. If I go looking for a cache and DNF it, then I go back a day or two ( or whenever) later and find it, should I log it again as found after I have logged a DNF? I saw a thread the other day where someone said that you should only log a cache one time. Should I just update my DNF with a note saying I finally found it, or log a find? Thanks, Scott
  18. I LOVE YOU PLANET!! Don't ya just love her?! She speaks the truth! It is the intangible swag that is the most useful! Heck, all the usefull swag is obtainable at wallyworld, however, forever kinships are remarkable treasures that have a lifetime warrantee! Leslie Hard to disagree with that! Excellent post. We only have 16 finds or so, but the best ones were this past weekend with our 4 y/o granddaughter. She got so excited over the 1st one (all the cool little trinkets in there!), we just had to go find some more. I think we've created a monster... Scott
  19. I'm in love. Wanna trade? Thanks for the kind words on our VW! I can't trade (my wife would injure me severely), too much blood, sweat, and tears put into this car. I didn't realize it was going to be our primary geocaching vehicle, because we didn't cache until recently. It fits well though. BTW, I see that you kayak. I have a Pungo that I just love! Scott
  20. We found that cache this past weekend in Branson, it's my favorite one yet! Definitely hidden in plain sight! Scott
  21. New cacher from Missouri here. Found 7 so far (with 2 DNF's already!). I'll be sticking around a while, this is an awesome way to get some exercise and have a lot of fun doing it. Scott
  22. Maybe off topic a little, but I just gotta say AuntieWeasel's posts are very entertaining! If you're not carrying your DL in Missouri, it all depends on what kind of mood the officer is in.... and if you can positively identify yourself. Newbie Scott
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