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What Personal Geocoins Are Only For Trade?

Cav Scout

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I made 200 numbered for selling and 50 trackable for trading only. I have 1 left that I am saving for someone and the one I kept for myself, never sold any. I didn't want to sell any of my numbered either but I had to do something to fund them.


I think it's a fine idea to offer different versions. Serious collectors can get one of each type and trade for the more valuable LE versions. People that just like the design can buy one of the more common ones.


I did the trackable thing because creating a limited series using different metals seemed like the cheap way out to me. It doesn't cost anything extra to make a small number of coins in an alternate metal. Making a coin trackable on the other hand costs almost $2 more a coin.



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My nscaler gold and black nickel (see avatar) TFTC geocoins are trade fodder (and very nice "fodder trades" I've made, may I add) and placing in caches. Put two in Florida myself a week and a half ago.

A personal coin is the only way to get some coins.

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My coins are not for sale. I had 400 silver and 100 gold made. They are trackable and had their own icon. I made them to be placed in caches and given to friends. When I had them minted I had no intention of trading because I am not a collector. However, I did come across 12 coins that interested me and have traded for them. Now that I have those coins my trading days may be over (until some other coin catches my eye).

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