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  1. In the interest of heading off additional drama so that we can focus on breakfast meats, from the rules of the North Florida Challenge Quest: 3. All cache types count for the Florida Challenge Quest except events (CITO included). No need for the folks in Outer Mongolia to concern themselves that there will be any cheatin' going on in Florida.
  2. You mean some people actually get out of the car when they cache? Who knew?
  3. BTW, here is a nice resource your you folks who might actually like to... you know... host an event... Event Handbook - If you post it, they will come
  4. Given a big pillow and a smelly enough hat, I reckon she could pass. I'm just saying.
  5. Well, the pizza and chinese is top shelf, no doubt about it. But for breakfast, I'd rather wake up in Tennessee any day of the week. Free Country Fried stake and Biscuits and gravy for anyone who drives from AZ or NY. You'll have to take pancakes if you fly though.
  6. I will pay for your breakfast if you want to show up as my guest! -Tom I'll chip in for the biscuits and gravy. Mmmmm. I'm hungry.
  7. No doubt is is New Mexicans such as your self that NEFGA meant to exclude.
  8. Oh, oh. Looks like this might be another Peanut Butter Conspiracy
  9. I've heard that same thing said about IceCreamMan hey quit dissing on ICM! He's a great guy but based on the posted comments I think JoeMerchant and Serial Finder are the the one's who sound like jerks. No offense intended Joe, I'm just saying Still undecided if I mean to offend Serial Finder or not but he's bright enough to read between the lines when he reads this. On topic - I've found 100's of ICMs "egg jars" and they hold up well in the woods and in the city. He hides them in wonderful locations and fills them with great swag. Thanks for the support Clan. Joe, if you don't watch your step, my next post will be about "The Dames Point Incident". DOH!
  10. Aw come on... you just made that up.
  11. Yeah sure. But that's just first hand experience. How many times have you posted about them? That's the key to true knowledge.
  12. I've heard that same thing said about IceCreamMan
  13. Because he's a jerk. It's a well known fact in Northeast Florida. If the people who had criticized the caches here had actually done any of the caches here they would know that.
  14. Nope. I have more time here than you. It is also worth noting that i have never posted because of that stupid number to the left. Besides the occasional humorous post i would say most of my posts have substance to them. I cant understand why that bothers people so much. I'm not sure anyone said it "bothers" them. It was mentioned as an observation. Perhaps I missed the post where someone said it bothered them. Why does it bother people to have their post to find ration mentioned?
  15. I like this one better But this one is my favorite...
  16. Thanks for the numbers that clearly prove that numbers don't matter.
  17. Don't worry Joe, I had to look it up too, when Criminal labeled me as Snarky. I consider it a term of endearment. I long for the day I get verbally attacked by Crimanal (sic). You're just not a cacher until you been called names by the master.
  18. Yes, that's the safest way. Here's what I use... Takes up room in the back pack, but what the heck, I can never remember to bring all them travel bugs along anyway.
  19. Please tell me that you forgot to put the smiley on your post. Nope, can't say I ever really considered a smiley, but then I don't have the experience posting that many of the folks here do. You think it might dress up my post a bit? BTW, since I now have cracked the 50 mark on posts, you reckon I can start giving advice on forum posting? He's got the right to do what ever he wants, and the question wasn't about "discussing" cache hiding, it was about making pronouncements about what a "reputable" container is. Snarky? I'm not embarrassed to say I had to look that up. Yep, I've only got 20 hides. That's why I'm not cranking out twelve hundred posts giving advice on what containers are "reputable". BTW, advice on where I should have inserted smilies would be welcome from a poster of your experience.
  20. I use Fusion paint for plastic. It will scratch off with enough provocation, but it doesn't flake off. You can pick it up at any Ace or Walmart. They have a "River Rock" color that closely matches khaki, so it's easy to then move on to the darker colors of ultra flat cammo paint with that as your base. BTW, "Sissy" and "CoyoteRed"? Would that be Sissy & CR? That happens to be where I got my stencils. You might want to read the tag line on that post ICM...
  21. I agree. Since when is knowing what you're talking about a reflection on the quality of your posts?
  22. Well, I'll have to take some time to consider a sufficiently contrite apology. You all be sure and wait up for it now.
  23. After reading your post I reconsidered whether I should continue hiding caches. After much consideration I decided that, yes, I will continue hiding them. And I will do so based on my own cost/benefit analysis rather than yours. Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks for informing me. It's good that you can afford a GPSr, and the gas money/bicycle to get to the cache, but can't spring for a reputable container. Glad you're not in my area. Hey, I had Chinese food over the weekend. Should I send you some Chinese food containers? They usually last at least a week. Looking at your stats (2,278 posts/1226 finds/20 hides) you might want to reconsider offering advise on hiding caches. But, you're definitely the go to guy for advise on posting.
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