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  1. Traveling caches CAN be adopted since they are listed as tradional/multi's. This one GC82D0 was adopted out last Feb. I hope that Jacob does decide to let someone else take them over.
  2. Amber, if you can, you should try to get to the event in the Lansing area every month. Events are the best place to meet other cachers in your area.
  3. Heres some pics of my two traveling Sherpas. One is in England, the other is in Calgary, AB
  4. Welcome to Michigan when you get here. You might want to post this question in the MIGO forums http://www.migoonline.org/
  5. I have found Oakland Transit half a dozen times or so in the past. The cache owner is the last one to have picked it up, and still has it. Since he hasn't cached in a few years, I'm assuming he doesn't plan to hide it again. Several of us have tried emailing him about adopting it since there are so few of them, but all emails go unanswered.
  6. Welcome to the addiction. I used to live in Broadview Hts a long time ago. You might want to try checking the NEOGEO site www.neogeocachers.com for someone to meet with. Also, don't be afraid to attend an event in your area. These can become just as addicting as caching itself.
  7. It is too bad it is listed as a cache and not a traveller since this means we can't see the mileage. It would have been difficult to list it as a traveler since travelers didn't exist. The only listings were for caches. BTW, these travelers were also the birth of traveling caches, there are still a few of them moving around too.
  8. Like VonHorst said, try looking for another one. There are several within a mile of there that have all been found this year. UNLESS,,,,,,,your going for a FTF on your first find like I did.
  9. That one was archived back in 2001. Maybe the guidlines about digging were not published then? I seem to remember seeing the video of the first ever cache actually being buried! That was only a year earlier. Yep, quite a few were hidden the way the first one was, take a 5gal pail, sink it into the ground up to the lid, then cover it with logs, leaves, etc. If I recall correctly, the rule for burying caches didn't take effect until Sept 01.
  10. Here is one example of why the rule came about. Read the description for this hunt. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...db-03be0a26718e
  11. The first ones were listed as caches and called travelers since there was no such thing as a TB. Several cachers started their own aprox. the same time, so I'm not sure if you can find who started the first one. Mt10Bike, MountanMan and several others had some out there. Here is a link to one that is still active. Has had quite a ride, visiting Canada, Groundspeak HQ 2-3 times, has crossed the country several times, been lost, revived, but still goes on tickin. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...3b-873f144a593b
  12. Can't you get electonics for less over there than here stateside? What ever unit you buy, you should be able to get the handbook downloaded in English off the net. Most of the newer units have multiple languages in them, so you may have to change it to english. What about at the PX, do they have GPSr's available? As to your question, like xMts said, it might take a little longer to get a signal, but only the first time. When you turn the unit off, it remembers where it was at that time, then when you turn it back on, it assumes you are still in the same general area and looks for the sats that should be in the sky there at that time and day. If you have moved somewhere else, expecially several hundred/thousand miles away, those sats won't be there, so it has to do a broad search to find what ones are in that area. Once it finds one, the others are found more quickly since it now knows what ones should be in the vicinity of that one. I had no trouble using mine in Hong Kong or Nepal when I was there.
  13. I'm assuming that you're referring to Starrs Mill since it mentions being in a 5gal pail. This one is most likly grandfathered.
  14. I work in dt Detroit at the PO. Would love to meet and do some caching. Haven't been in the Woodhaven area in a while, so there would be lots of new caches for me. Plus, we could go to Belle Isle, about 35 caches on the island, still about 10 I havent found. Send me a PM to set up a time and place to meet. BTW, late mornings/early afternoons would work great, I start work at 3:30.
  15. Dorsetgal, I hope you have those tires fully inflated on your wheelchair and the jetpack strapped to the back so when a coin does get dropped, you can beat everyone to it.!! And watch out for those quagmires like the ones here in Michigan you get stuck in!
  16. Congratulations to all the new CCC coin owners. I can see there will be a mad dash to the discovery table at MI cache events with 3 creepy coins sitting there.
  17. First one I found was MtnMan's 'Mars Rover'. Found it on 9-11-01, and since it related to space, I rehid it in a cache that is at a private observatory. This one has made more than one trip to Groundspeak HQ There are several traveling caches in MI. One I have logged 6-8 times, each one from a different park or trail.
  18. Welcome to MI SelgoJA. Hope you have a nice trip. You might want to direct your question here. http://www.migoonline.org/ I haven't been to the SW area in a while, but someone should be able to give you some feedback. You'll have to set up an account to access the forums.
  19. A second glowing creepy coin has landed in MI. Opened my mail today to find this great looking coin. Like DD, I had it outside and when I stepped in, it was glowing very brightly. Think I could use this to find night caches. Thank you for the very nice coin.
  20. Only two envelopes in the mailbox today, first had Oct Pathtag club tags, the second held a Creepy Crawly Cachers coin. How cool and totally unexpected. Thank you
  21. If you have the Killarney map, it already has UTM grids on it and you can enter these into your gpsr, then when you switch back to degrees, it will convert the UTM coords.
  22. From following the link to the provider from McD's site, I'm not positive that this is free wifi. I couldn't quote something specific, or guide you to a point that mentions it, but I think that most McDonald's do charge a fee for wifi. McDonalds do charge, and I believe that most if not all Starbucks charge as well. Panera Bread does have free access. You can go to their website to find their locations.
  23. Got mine yesterday, just didn't have the time to post. Thanks Mike.
  24. clatmandu


    I get 13pq's to cover all the caches in MI, furthest one is Isle Royal, 740mi
  25. As others have said, with coins, there are so many with a great design on them, that they just dissappear in no time. With TBs, the same applies, there is the 'cuteness factor'. The cuter the TB is, the more likely it will disappear.
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