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New Icons...

H to the Bizzle!
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Man, It is getting really hard to keep up on what I need much less have the icon.


Perhaps a campaign to have TPTB create a number just for the Icon SP account might work. I think the account is referenced enough to be useful.


Anyway the account is updated for now. (Only guarenteed to be current for the next 10 seconds 9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1

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With all those nice new icons popping up it is almost a shame the US Geocoins still show the "c" like personal coins etc. only.

German, Dutch, UK and manyof the State Coins have their own icon but a great nation jus the standard "C". Someone just take this up and change this situation recommends with greetings from Germany


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Poor Colorado...

Yeah.. Whats up with that?

With all the money they're making off these why doesn't Groundspeak just put one on there for Colorado and stop being so cheap. I'm sure it doesn't cost $150. And if it does, write it off.

Bravo. Great idea. I bet you $150 they wont do it. :rolleyes:

You're on!


If you pay up the $150 I'll give it to them for the icon! :lol:

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Since I've been in such a great "Christmassy" mood lately, I offer this to Erik K. as an early Christmas present. Erik, if you want it, and with no obligations, you're officially permitted to use this design as the icon for your USA Coins if you should choose to use a new one. This is not intended to suggest that you should feel pressured to change the current icon, and I mean that. Just a simple offering, since I couldn't help you on a project once before.






32x32 pixel:




16x16 pixel:



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Tell you what people. There's got to be at least 150 of us that would pay to get a Colorado icon. That's only $1 each. What do you say?

If others would like to join in, i'm in for $1 and if we could do the same for the Colorado, I'm in for another $1. Let's see how far this gets. :rolleyes:

If we get 149 on each of these, I'll be the 150th.

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GrandpaKim Posted: Dec 12 2005, 03:29 PM 


GrandpaKim's Kids


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Tell you what people. There's got to be at least 150 of us that would pay to get a Colorado icon. That's only $1 each. What do you say?



that's about 60p UK money :rolleyes:


I would be up for it.

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