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Cin Event 2005

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Daft question alert:


If (for example) I wanted to buy 10 tickets, do I just pay £12.00 in one transaction, or do I pay £1.20 ten times?

That's what I have done Stuey and addaeda note saying 10 X CIN Draw


Milton (aka Moote)

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Daft question alert:


If (for example) I wanted to buy 10 tickets, do I just pay £12.00



Please don't pay multiple lots of £1.20 separately.


For every transaction, PayPal (don'tcha just love 'em? ) will take 20p. That's the reason that I pitched the price at £1.20 and not £1.00.


So, just put x times £1.20 and lump it all together. I will make sure that you get the correct amount of tickets.





In fact anyone who buys 10 tickets actually gets 11 because the paypal charges as less with bulk.


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fantastic idea! I've put in my ticket  :D



I'm still wondering why you paid in Euro. :P


But at least it did let me find out that there was a problem with the Euro doante button adding €1,00 postage onto the amount (which I have refunded to you).



It defaulted to Euro which I thought was odd, but presumed you'd set it up that way to include our continental neighbours. Thanks for the refund on the postage though :P

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