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  1. near St Andrew's Well, Nether Stowey, Somerset : The Well hid cache
  2. I know my sister never records finds on the site.. She uses geocaching.com to find the location but says, "when I get back I dont feel like putting the computer on, I can't be bothered with all that!"
  3. Hey all. I am returning to caching after a break after I had a car accident at the beginning of the year. I thought I'd stop by & take a look at what has been going on since January - a lot by the looks of it! I'm back on the road with a new car & hopefully with the lighter evenings now and better (ha!) weather I can return to the hills & start bagging those caches again
  4. Hiya & yes Somerset get-together sounds like a great idea... I'm from Taunton so fairly central for travelling the length & breadth of the County. Get the ball rolling I say!
  5. Thanks PP I might just take you up on that one weekend Its weekends I'm in Richmond & some "expert tuition" may be what we need.
  6. At the moment I’m just not having any luck or fun with caching. The last 6 times I’ve been out caching I have found nothing. The last four of those times I’ve been too despondent about to log as dnfs as they had ALL been found within recent days & I felt so stupid as to not find any of them - especially when the (recent, within a couple days) logs state “Found easily, no problem at all” or “the dog found it” (ok a slight exaggeration but you know what I mean) just to make me feel that little bit smaller and useless. Jeff has even enquired as to whether the GPS is dodgy, but I know its not as the last successful cache we did was absolutely spot on. Each time we’ve not left a stone, fallen log or leaf unturned but came up with nothing. The worst thing is I have a TB to check in that I have brought on all 6 failed caching attempts. I suppose I could put it in a cache that I already know the location of but I really wanted to move it from Somerset, where I picked it up, to London (where I often cache in/around Richmond/West London though in particular it is the Richmond Park caches that have frustrated me more than once).
  7. Devon? Devon?? Whats Devon got that Somerset can't do better!
  8. My pockets are always stuffed with poobags before a caching trip, well nappy bags from the pound shop. I don't like to see huge steaming turds, especially when there are bins around. Max has an annoying habit of choosing to poo when you are the furthest possible distance from any bin, though.
  9. Highs: Being introduced to Caching. To be honest every time you get the first glimpse of that plastic lid in the undergrowth its a high Lows: The blisters I got on Kew Gardens Meridian after walking the 2km to it (and back) along the River Thames towpath from Richmond. I was unsuitibly dressed for caching as I'd been to a wedding & we had a couple hours to kill before the reception. The two other wedding guests I'd dragged off for a "walk" were unimpressed and unsympathetic at my sore feet. Let this be a lesson: even urban caching in heels is a bad idea.
  10. They confiscated all watches/mobile phones before they got on the plane. Edit: And presumably all GPS devices which surely would give the game away straight off.
  11. Wouldn't reccomend parking in Bath any day. ugh.. There *is* a Park & Ride outside the city though.
  12. I remember the Michael Aspel one it was so funny the other dippy Secretary here at work was completely taken in by it
  13. I'm enjoying it because there is something really wrong about shattering people's dreams Its believable in the fact that they've chosen contenstants who know absolutely nothing about space/aviation & i guess wouldn't notice a non-russian helicopter in the dark against a russian one. The Russian "meeter & greeter" was unbelievably over the top though
  14. I'm a Kate & I like to think its at least uncommon..
  15. Add me to the Girls' team please Mandy
  16. I like company but I don't mind caching alone.. Though it was creepy out this morning in the mist, I thought I was being watched. It turns out I was being watched. - other cachers waiting for me to vacate the area so they could replace the cache
  17. Congrats Ozzy on leading your human to 900 caches!
  18. Thanks. I'm still wondering why you paid in Euro. But at least it did let me find out that there was a problem with the Euro doante button adding €1,00 postage onto the amount (which I have refunded to you). Alex. It defaulted to Euro which I thought was odd, but presumed you'd set it up that way to include our continental neighbours. Thanks for the refund on the postage though
  19. Now this sounds interesting count me in again
  20. I'm sure we'd be up for it taking a "moderate" route up
  21. Congratulations My first ever find was one of LordHuttons & got me hooked right away
  22. Some more that come to mind Caching.. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Under the Bridge" & "I Like Dirt" Metallica - "Thorn Within" (always happens to me) & "Wherever I may Roam" for Night Caching: Iron Maiden - "Fear of the Dark"
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