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  1. When I try and open a downloaded cache I get this flash. Is there anybody who can help me please to sort it out? C:\Users\JamesCobley\Appdata\Roaming\gsak\temp\offline.htm Thank you
  2. C:\Users\JamesCobley\Appdata\Roaming\gsak\temp\offline.htm This is the flash I get when I try to open a cache. Is there a solution please? Thank for any help
  3. Does anyone repair Garmin GPS any more
  4. Has anyone a TomTom for sale which takes Geocaches. I have been ripped off three timers on eBay! Probably will need posting. Thanks
  5. We have been Geocaching for quite a while now but our trusted TomTom has given up the ghost. None of the new TomToms seem to take points of interest which we have used to get us near the caches GZ Has anyone a suggestion of a solution please?
  6. Thank you for that but I am still struggling to put them on my new TomTom I cannot find a way to put them on even using your suggestion. Thanks Jim
  7. How can I install Geocaches on my new TomTom Premium X please The old one has finally packed up after 20+ years Any help would be appreciated. Nothing from TomTom
  8. Thanks you maattmoo who has kindly offered to check my cache when he visits in March. Much appreciated
  9. Is any fellow Geocacher visiting Gibraltar soon and would check out the cache I have owned since 2004. The location and the logbook need checking, please. The cache number is GCJR1J. Thank you for any help
  10. Why do I have to load Rutsons icon every time I want to put my caches on MM. If I don't they won't download. Any help would be appreciated
  11. Does any Geocacher know of a company who supplies personalized Geocaching decals?
  12. Although I have not signed in for the Dashboard, it requires me to log in each time I visit Geocaching
  13. Every time I want to check my Geocaches I have to re-login on my page because of this stupid Dashboard. How can I delete it? It is not an improvement! If it aint broke don't fix it!
  14. Is anyone else having a problem logging caches? The new system is dreadful. If it aint broke dont fix it??????
  15. Thank you, I have downloaded the App and will give it a try. I appreciate your advice
  16. I like to have my iPhone App as a backup to my Garmin Montana. Now the last one has ceased to work what is the best alternative?
  17. Thank you very much. So easy when you know how. I appreciate your help
  18. I am trying to put several downloads on to my TomTom using the macro but it always deletes the last one. Could some one tell me how to stop that action please. Thanks
  19. No. I didn't know there was one. I will Google it? Thank you
  20. I am trying to help a friend link Rutsons macro to Memory Map All the setting are exactly the same as mine but when you run the macro nothing appears on MM What is the problem. Can someone help please!
  21. Is there a Geocacher living near Mooresville,SC who could check out my missing TB, Bluey the Dolphin please I would be so grateful for any help Thank you Jim
  22. Not long ago we had a telephone box cache approved in Sidmouth but before I could find the cache BT removed the box!
  23. Near Exeter there was a cache some years ago which I would have described as ‘a fun cache.’ To claim the cache you had to have a photo on the site with you holding your GPS and wearing a silly pair of glasses. It was placed by the Hancock Clan who sadly have moved to live in Australia. They archived the cached. I was in M & S at Christmas and saw a pair of these glasses and thought I would reinstate the cache. The Reviewer said I could not insist the log contained a photo of the finder wearing the glasses. I was told it was against the rules! Let’s not get hide bound by silly rules.
  24. Can anyone help me please? Some years ago I purchased from a USA Geocaching company a badge which had my caching name and the logo which had raised letters and I fixed on the back screen on my car. I have changed my car and need a new one but can’t remember where I bought it. Can any fellow cachers give me a lead please?
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