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  1. Still in there after 8 years.
  2. Marty got it, it is indeed the longest stretch of straight track in the country.
  3. Just found a reference to Barbicide and it seems that it is a disinfectant used in barber's shops. So how many dhave I got now? Enough. You can set the next question.
  4. There seems to be some whining about the questions recently, so here's a REALLY easy one. Faking your one death seems to be technically referred to as pseudocide - what are these other "cides"? Acaricide Barbicide Deicide Tomecide Uxoricide
  5. I'm thinking that its Eastergate Bridge and the nearest cache is Eastergate Rock, a really fine cache.
  6. They are available from a UK supplier on Ebay.
  7. And when things get REALLY busy, us Charter Members get to bump you 'orrible Premium Members off the site.
  8. Just to keep you happy. Here is a post from my REAL account so you can check my proper number.
  9. EU geocoin - Gold Numbered 003 £550.00 for UK Ch*ld*e* in N**d Total = $1695.77
  10. Why not? It had to stop somewhere. Alex.
  11. Hey, I was just kidding about that. All the packets went out between Monday and Wednesday. alex.
  12. Please email questions@gccoins.com with all the details and I will sort things out for you. Alex.
  13. Hi everyone, gcocoins.com the makers of the EU and UK coin will be handling sales and distribution of the Finland. coin. It will not be shipping until mid-January and I do not want to start taking orders too far in advance of distribution. So it will be a week or so before this happens. I will let everybody know by posting on the geocoins forum. Alex.
  14. I was just kidding about that. It looks like UK coins were received yesterday in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. We alre delivering them in State order. You guys in Wyoming are going to have a long wait. Alex.
  15. Still nobody got one?? The postal service isn't great at the best of itmes. It is even worse at the moment with Christmas coming up. Alex.
  16. You can usually but them on ebay for a reasonable price, or email me and I will tell you the best place to buy them. Alex.
  17. They are due to ship out early next week in the States and the week after in the UK. Everything is on schedule to meet the delivery dates that I promised. I am hoping that orders will be available for collection at Fruity's event on the 10th December, and at the Xmas meal in Morecambe on the 11th, but until I actually have the coins in hand, I'm not willing to make any promises. The COULD also be available at the Alibags event on the Saturday 10th if anyone wants to zip up to S Derbyshire on the Saturday morning and collect them from Simon Alex.
  18. Pre-orders for rest of the world will start today or tomorrow.. stay tuned Probably later today. Alex.
  19. Certainly not. Link away. This link may be of more use to Americans & Canadians And once I get the translation done this one will be handy for some of our European friends. Alex.
  20. The wait list for UK geocoins is now closed. With the amount already on there, there is no prospect that anyone added to the list from now will get any coins. I hope to know by the weekend how many from the current wait list will be able to get what they want. If you have already had an invoice and not paid yet. It would be nice if you could do so now. Thanks Alex.
  21. and another one..... Have you got a hotmail account or anything similar? I don't have much faith in tiscali. Alex.
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