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  1. Hi Mark - looking great! Lots of people in the UK asking me about the event and the coin, so please make sure I'm on the list!
  2. I have a couple (literally) of UK coins left - I am happy to trade for other 11-11-11 coins - first come first served - thanks!
  3. My coins arrived in the UK yesterday - they look great, I'm very pleased with them. I have a few spares if anyone wants to trade....
  4. Remembrance Day is still a big thing over here in the UK...not sure if it's as big in the USA though?
  5. UK event is up and running! UK Event
  6. Sorry if this has been addressed before but with the demise of Coinswag where do you now get the activation codes from?
  7. Hi I have a couple of spare Piratemania Coins from Piratemania 2010 (A UK event). Limited to 250 coins, they are trackable with icon. Interested in any recent geowoodstock coins please! Thanks!
  8. UK event being sorted...put me down for the UK coin again please!
  9. Looking for Geowoodstock VIII coins, especially the Tsun version! I have various coins to trade including some recent European ones: Stratego (Dutch Event coin) N.I.E.L.S Stadtmeisterschaft 2010 Wiesbaden Zwedchga Thanks!
  10. The UK events are now all over - some 20 different events up and down the country. The Manchester event was well attended and all coins have been sold - I have various trades lined up, but there's no more after that!
  11. No sign yet Beginning to wonder if they'll get here in time...
  12. Sounds fun and the 999 event was great, so I'd be interested for sure!
  13. The UK event was great and I've already been asked if I'l host 10-10-10, so I'd definitely be up for it again!
  14. lizzardman


    My coins have arrived in the UK thanks. They look great Happy to trade whatever coins I have left - if anyone wants to trade/reserve a coin with me - please let me know!
  15. lizzardman


    UK event link is here - just waiting for approval 09-09-09 Multi Event - UK
  16. lizzardman


    Here's the UK artwork - event to go 'live' in the next few days!
  17. Sorry to hear the news. I have been to Bute and although I never met Ewan, had the pleasure of doing quite a few of his cache. Our thoughts to go out to his family.
  18. lizzardman


    I'm up for doing one in the UK!
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