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Wow! so much is happening!

Congrats to Baa! that is so awesome!


And of course to ZAlandyman and SuzieQ for reaching 50! Going to have to watch my back! :)

And to Discombob for reaching 300!!!! And to me for being with both of them at thier respective milestones!


Of course we haven't forgotten about B&F reaching 150! Congrats!

So many things are happening! It's incredible!

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Thanks everyone.


Just before leaving for Cape Town, someone asked me what we were going to do. I just replied..."No idea - caching decides and is guarenteed to take me to fantastic places." So the thanks go to all those cachers that have taken me to those fantastic places.


Big thank you goes to the new cachers that I met at breakfast. Hopefully we will see you in Durban one day.



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ahhhhhhhhh (the familiar sound Homer Simpson makes when looking at something desirable) Durban!!!! Oh, to one day cache in Durban, how my heart longs for Durban) :):):D:):):)


And on a more serious note... LARKS, WELL DONE ON YOUR 100th :):D:D:D


And hey Noddy, I really do want to come up to Durbs one day and do a bit of caching, I look forward to meeting you and the others up there for a bit of breac :) ky

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Well done to the cachers whose names I come across so often in the logs...

FranTre - 100 with Stoddard's nogal !

Seeker Two - 150

Cache-fan - 200


And to all the others on their respective milestones this week-end.

Congrats! :laughing:

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Congratulations must go to Fish Eagle who reached his second century this weekend and also to the Huskies with their 250 and climbing. Congrats too to Seeker Two and all those others who have done so well recently - Larks, Noddy, Cownchicken, Frantre, Cache Fan .... and all those others we haven't mentioned, too. :angry::rolleyes::laughing: Then almost forgot those wonderful QFC fellows, too - very well done!

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YES GUYS!!! You've done it ... congrats to all with their milestones on the CITO-Day -


ZAlandyman&SuzieQ (100), Vespaxvespa (200) and The Huskies (300). Did I miss anyone? Oh, and me (150).


... I'm so jealous that I couldn't be there :) ... did my bit though and hid another 3 in our cachestarved area :laughing:

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Some very special achievements occured in the Western Cape today! Firstly, South Africa's very first CITO event took place which was very successfully and ably organized by Larks, Goofster, Vespaxvespa, Bear&Fox and GS&Dogs. Next, some rather special milestones were achieved: Hectic found his 50th cache, ZALandyman & Suzieq found their 100th, Goofster managed his 150th, Vespaxvespa got his 200th and the Huskies their 300th! Fantastic! Congratulations to you all! :):):laughing:

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Hey guys,


We just wanted to let you know, that since joining this amazing sport in January this year, we have travelled to some of the most wonderful places in this beautiful country that we thought never existed.


Well done to everyone on their respective milestones, and thank you for giving back to the sport in everything you do. It is a good feeling to know that there is a wonderful South African community out there... we look forward to meeting you all at the next event cache.




Team Farmers

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