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  1. Hi All, I don't want to start a trend here, but I'm also looking for any potential adopters for my geocaches. I'm not looking at quitting, but we've moved out to the Elgin Valley and our new business has kept me from giving these caches the time and energy they deserve. As such, I haven't been able to go hiking in quite a while, so maintenance runs are overdue on one or two. So rather than archiving, would anybody like to adopt any of these 11 geocaches? Camel Rock - http://coord.info/GCY5AY Judas Peak - http://coord.info/GCWHZR Skyline Path - http://coord.info/GCWHZJ The Sentinel - http://coord.info/GCWETW Muizenberg Cave - http://coord.info/GCWE8E Mine of Silver - http://coord.info/GCVHP8 Waterworks Museum - http://coord.info/GCV4AN Oppelskop - http://coord.info/GCV49P Swartkop 360 - http://coord.info/GCTXJV Woodstock Cave - http://coord.info/GCTX69 Snap - http://coord.info/GCT91H Many thanks, Ryan
  2. If there's still space available, I'd like to join in on Sunday's hike if possible? Just need to kick the flu, which I'm sure I can do by then...
  3. Hi, I've been off the forum for a few years, but saw this and felt strongly compelled to add my vote of NAY. It makes it so difficult to sell geocaching to new people when the quality of the cache is rubbish. I only want to find a cache if it takes me to an interesting or beautiful place, even if that means only caching once a month on a quality excursion. I would very much like get back into some quality caching again, and I truly hope that this doesn't happen in the Cape!
  4. Larks


    Congratulations to Carlstein on your recent adventure up Frodo's Journey!!! Well done on securing a "Yes" on a hike like that! All the best!
  5. I agree Gerhard, we have a fantastic bunch of ecologically aware fellow cachers! One last bit of drab info from me... One of the most helpful things you can do if someone get bitten is to record the time that they were bitten and then what time they present the different symptoms. As this will help to determine how the patient is treated (as different snakes will cause different reactions). Following the symptoms highlighted by TV&M, just jot down the time of the symptom and how it progresses. This may be one of the most useful things that you can do. Include the times that you've given antivenom/ adrenaline (if you have).
  6. Thanks GerhardoosMPsa, some really good tips indeed! Just to add to that, snakes won't come for you. So no need to worry. Rather move away slowly. Unless you're standing on it and it strikes, in that case jump like hell! And as a general rule, snakes can strike to a distance of about 50% of thier body length.
  7. Because anti venom is really expensive to produce, there are only really 2 types of antivenom that is produced. One is a polyvalent antivenom that is used to treat bites from the following: Puff adder (Bitis arietans) Gaboon adder (Bitis gabonica) Rinkhals (Haemachatus haemachatus) Green mamba (Dendroaspis angusticeps) Jameson's mamba (Dendroaspis jamesoni) Black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) Cape cobra (Naja nivea) Forest cobra (Naja melanoleuca) Snouted Cobra previously ' Egyptian cobra' (Naja annulifera) and the Mozambique spitting cobra (Naja Mossambica) And the other is a monovalent antivenom for Boomslang bites. (www.savp.co.za) So try to only get bitten by those snakes??? This is really important. Because the antivenom is made using horses, many people will have an allergic reaction to it, which is why one needs to know how to administer the antivenom AND the adrenaline. Otherwise there is a good chance that it's the reaction to the antivenom thats actually going to kill you... Even if you are carrying a standard snakebite kit, which has one or two ampules of antivenom, the initial required dose for a bite may be between 5 and 10 ampules. So just get to a hospital as quickly as possble! (even if you're still feeling fine - because you may only react later...)
  8. Hi Danie, If there's one thing that I've learnt about snake bite first aid, is that its not that straight forward. The first-aid for a particular snakebite may make things worse for another type of bite... For example, if you're bitten by a puff adder (which has predominantly cytotoxic venom - affecting your muscle tissue), you're better off raising the bitten area and moving around to get the venom to flow away from the limb and thereby reducing the tissue damage. BUT this is obviously the wrong thing to do if bitten by many other snakes! Generally, the best first aid would be to calm the victim down and get them straight to a hospital. And unless you know what you're doing and you have sufficient anti-venom (which most kits do not), I'm not sure that you would want to start with injections etc. But I would recommend learning about snakebite first aid, so that you're able to do the correct first aid. Definitely worth it!! I see that you're from Pretoria. There is a very good course offered in Gauteng by Mike Perry on Snake Identification, First Aid and Venemous Snake Handling which I can highly recommend. www.africanreptiles-venom.co.za I haven't really been too helpful in offering a straight forward answer have I??
  9. Interesting thread! We're "Larks" (in Gauteng at the moment), and related to "Looney Larkman" (Gauteng), "Lucky Ed" (Karoo), the "Wheeler Dealers" (Cape Town) and "JoySeeker (Cape Town)..... Cheers!
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    Buy-a-donkey Cincol! [Thanks very much Cincol]
  11. Larks


    Wow! Ek was lank laas op die forums gewees! Ek het hierdie thread begin lees, maar ek is nie so twee-taalig as party ander mense, daarom is drie bladsye n' klein bietjie lank om deur te lees..... Ek hou graag van die idee! Soek julle nog n TD? Miskien in die Karoo? Kan iemand vir my n' kort opsomming van die vorige 122 'posts' gee?
  12. Good point Triptrick. Maybe a better name for this thread would be: Pointless film canisters thrown into a hole somewhere. Yes or No? My dilemma is that often I only realise once I'm at the cache that its one of these useless caches. So i take back my statement knocking the roadside caches, and apologise to all great roadside caches, roadsides are officially no longer my enemy. I now prefer the name "Pointless film canisters thrown into a hole somewhere". (good name triptrick!)
  13. Larks


    Well done Brick, Cache Fan and Wazat! Keep going guys!!!
  14. I'd better watch out! But I agree, without getting personal, it's nice to remind everyone of the reason why we place caches. Just to keep the standard of caching in SA at the top of this world wide game! Where it currently is, and we're proud of that!
  15. Spot on Discombob! Roadside caches on a long trip can be quite cool, provided they have some purpose to them... maybe an interesting sign etc. There is a roadside cache by LeonW which a micro near Hartebeespoort Dam, but it is at a very funny sign, so thats great! But I've been to some caches in urban areas that I've specifically driven to, only to find it's at a place next to the road where a bergie has lived, and it's a film canister, and absolutely no point to cache. And the reason for placement (if any) is: "I used to have a cousin that lived around here somewhere.." Okay, maybe not quite, but you get the idea. It leaves me so dissapointed! And nobody seems to mind these caches being placed?
  16. Running the risk of sounding negative, I thought I'd open this up for discussion... When placing a cache (or finding one), I like to ask myself: Is this either a place of beauty or of interest, or have a I learned something (like some interesting history) that I wouldn't have known otherwise. In short, would i have enjoyed coming here if not for the cache? If the answer is yes, then it warrants a cache placement. However, there are certain very pointless caches out there , mostly film canisters, that seem to have been placed on the side of the road for the sole reason of being a "quick cache". Personally, I can't handle these caches, but perhaps I'm man alone on this one? So I was wondering what the general feeling is regarding these caches? Yes or no?
  17. Hi guys, Another option would be to create a track on mapsource along the route you want. Go to "edit", then select "new track". Remember to save it as a .gpx file. Might save some petrol..
  18. I completely agree, I have only ever used my electronic compass in caves etc, otherwise I seriously wouldn't bother!! It will really throw you off.... Rather turn it off and use the satelites to take you there. But one downside is that you will have to move before it will point you in the right direction. In fact i hardly ever use my compass at all. When i get closer, I just zoom in... seems to work just fine. Six of one, half a dozen of the other i suppose....
  19. Larks

    Howdy JHB

    And maybe a beer or two!!! If you need a place to stay for some reason, just shout.
  20. Mmmmm, so thats not so good for us..... And I thought I was making a big move heading up to JHB??? You're definately going to miss TM! But you'll do really well (not just caching) in the UK! All the best! Hope to corner you for a beer in JHB before you go?
  21. Great thread!! As of now I vote black plastic bags out! All in favour?? VIVA, no plastic bags, VIVA!!
  22. Larks


    Well done Cow and Chicken on finding 1000 caches! THATS MASSIVE!!!! You guys have really done so well, and played in such good spirit all the way! It has been an absolute pleasure to have been caching with you over the past couple of years! A hearty CONGRATULATIONS is in order! Keep up the youthful spirit for another 1000!!!!!
  23. Fantastic Newsletter! Well done to all involved!! A great read! QFC, Would it be possible to host a copy on georanking for all to see?
  24. Larks

    Mouse Hunt

    I still want to do this one, and I definately don't want any sympathy clues! It's not like it's impossible or hasn't been found at all.. My Vote: Leave it as it is.
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