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    The Eagle has landed ... uiteindelik!!!! Welcome
  2. Back from a holiday in Kgalagadi ... unfortunately little caching to do there abouts!!! I'm a pastoral engineer ... solve this one! Hint: Work (normally) on Sundays ... and do some engineering on a soul or two during the week ... PS: Nearly forgot: Retired hurt from caching ... PhD-studies using all the spare time I've got!! So I'm a cacher in hiding
  3. Wolkynou


    The Cow and The Chicken is back home and the caches started pouring in .... last time I checked, they had 475!!!!
  4. The new GE is really great ... I can even see the trees that I've planted on my plot in Kleinmond.
  5. Wolkynou


    Hey, guys and gals, give me a break ... now that you've heard that I'm retired hurt (due to my PhD studies) you are accelerating the pace ... Congrats ... B&F, Cache-fan ... and all you other intrepid cachers ... I'm so jealous not being able to go out for a few of the hidden boxes, blikkies and other stuff
  6. The art is not in getting the beer boep ... the art lies in keeping it in that shape
  7. Wolkynou


    GOOFSTER, you've done it ... well done on the double ton ... a lot faster than the first, hey! Hope there's a lot more!
  8. You must enjoy yourselves, QFC ... I'm retired hurt!! Busy with work on PhD so I'm out for the time being. As for the other guys ... Give them a good wallop. There are no new caches in my immediate vicinity ... alas! Will have to go on a Grand Cache Tour one day!
  9. Oh! Shucks ... you must be joking!!!
  10. It's a little far off for me to attend ... 972km one way ... gnatssss You can even make a weekend of it ... more than enough things to do around there ... mountains, streams, cellars ... Have a ball!!
  11. Make it an event ... picnic, braai, swim, wine tour, dance and what else ... AND in between fit in a cache or two ...
  12. If you want to set up an event, why not go to the Spa, camp/stay over there, do the cache, enjoy the spa and do a few other caches in the vicinity ... a wine tour!!! You' ve driven all the way there! We as family camped there in the tent ... enjoyed it very much ... I can recommend it!
  13. I bought from African Stuff in George ... had excellent service ... they have a website ...
  14. Go ahead ... with this idea you've made my day ... and I believe you will make his too!!! I'm more than pleased with my Garmap 76CS - enough memory, autorouting WITHOUT voice prompt, colour, barometer/altimeter, waterproof and long batterylife, can take external aerial. I understand the newer x-models can take memory card as well. Wow, me sounds like salesperson... I not speak with forked tongue Ditto about T4A-maps like in previous post ... excellent, high standard
  15. About MICRO'S ... a teasing micro is as good as anything ... but then they must be a real treat!!!
  16. Guys and Gals, we need your support on the following thread to make it a very special event ... so please support us and we can make something very special of it ... Read the thread to see what's up ... Garmin is coming aboard as sponsor if we get enough suppport from as wide as possible So go to this link and give geocaching in SA all the voooma you can ... The Bi-Annual Best Cache Awards I'm closing this topic ... we can use the indicated thread as the one to further embroider on the theme Thanks to all participants
  17. What kind of input do you need? Just scream!!! Contact me offline, you have my address.
  18. Wolkynou


    Great, Brick, you're building the wall ... May there be many more!
  19. Great ... a yes vote for Garmin running the event!!! And sponsoring it all and getting more sponsors ... Wow that's cooool Excellent Tramper, nice to have you on board.
  20. That's the spirit ... the people that's into caching only for the rankings are missing the point ... we do it for the sake of the outdoors ... the spirit of the game ... etc. If I want to go out to cache I must drive at least 400km to the nearest cache as all that are left in my vicinity are the ones that I've hidden.
  21. Every game (sport!!) has its cheaters ... In rugby for instance players are not allowed to hit each other with the fist or trample each other with the boots (it is against the rules), cricketers are not supposed to sledge each other, tennisplayers are supposed to accept the ruling of the linejudges ... and so on and on and on ... All of these sports have strict and thick rulebooks, and still players do not obey ... The moment you get competition in anything people will start seeking for places to bend the rules and start cheating. As with geocaching: There are no rulebook with hard and fast rules, there are no officials and referees ... everyone must be his/her own judge ... And let their own conscience be their judge, we know that everybody is not the same, thinks the same, plays the same ... Let them play by their rules and we all know they're a cheat... All I think that is happening with a thread like this one (although I fully agree with what is said) is only bringing suspicion and animosity between players ... and harsh words being said ... and ... and If they are such a threat to you on the ranking list, start your own and set the rules for your list and kick off everybody that is a threat to you or do not play by your set of rules ... and start policing the game ... Prohibition in the USA did not work ... Thanks QFC for all your efforts to make our sport more interesting Why blame them!!! On a different note: Some virtual caches are created to be armchair caches ... most of the time you have to ask permission from the owner to log a find. If you clearly state in your request for permission to the owner that you've researched the cache on GOOGLE or where-ever, and the owner is satisfied that youve done your bit and gives permission, then to me it seems kosher to log a find!!
  22. Took the readings at 13:00 and 18:00 ... had a call earlier today from other cachers ... they found my on cache on quite different coordinates ... My question now: Must I really ammend the coordinates that I originally listed the cache or must I keep the original coords ... will changing them help others to find it quicker ... Think I'll keep the originals
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