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  1. Thanks JP for your reply and confirmations. We attended 4 preparation events for this Mega and it was never mentioned that a fee would be charged for this event, or even for what etc. So we where very surprised when this was now announced via the forum, also I am not on Facebook for some obvious reasons, maybe this is the forum the organising team uses? This is not about the money at all as some suggest but rather a principle, this should have been included at the preparation stage from the beginning, not just a few weeks before the event. Also I can not commit at this stage to be available for this weekend, wife works 2 out of 4 weekends, its the daughters last school holiday etc. If we attend it will only be a max of 2 hours on Saturday afternoon. Anyway your explanation makes a lot of sense and put it into transparency, this should have done from the start. Might see your there or not, depending on other arrangements this weekend, but thanks again to explain we appreciate.
  2. As far as I know this is standard practice for MEGA events, to cover the costs of organising it. According to Adam Riese this is for the required 500 attendees R 60.000, a bit much I would suggest. In any case if this is the settlement count us out of this called mega event.
  3. Not sure if I miss anything, but since when do we have to pay to attend an event?
  4. Hi there, if you plan to travel in a rented car you need a permission paper and the original registration papers from the rental company as well as an insurance for these countries. Keep in mind that you need a 4x4 for Mozambique as well as for most caches in Swaziland, although some can be do be by normal car with high ground clearance. Unfortunately these countries are not on the hot list of most Cachers in Gauteng, so it would be very difficult to convince the community here. The only Cacher who frequently caches in Swaziland is FishEagle from Nelspruit. Regards Volker aka Cache Fan
  5. Kann auch als Wherigo cache realisiert werden. Gruss von Cache-Fan
  6. Kuck hier. http://mygeotools.de/tools/editor/ Gruss von Cache Fan
  7. Thanks for all your advise, having this problem since installing Kasperky new version after old one expired, about 10 days ago. Have send Kasperky also a mail but no response yet? Also have not changed internet providers were I am using IBurst since years (Wireless DSL). Will try to disable Kaspersky and see.
  8. After updating my Ksaperski protection I get the following error message when trying to open and to enter a log for a cache. Any idea what causes this? 403.6 - ForbiddenIP address of the client has been rejected. The requested page can not be accessed via anonymous proxies. Looks like some security setting has to be deactivated, Help will be appreciated.
  9. Yes cache-fan, I'll make sure and PM later. Thanks for all the replies, will fetch the copy from Jors as it is quite close.
  10. Hi there, I am looking for a copy of Southern Africa Streetmap 2010 on DVD to copy. Unfortunately you can't get it anymore in store and to download it is rather large (have missplaced my copy). If you have a DVD I can borrow for a week this would be appreciated, please send me a PM. Greetings from Cache Fan
  11. Having a bit of 4x4 experience and the needed fitted car we might be interested, lets see closer to the time. Keep us in the loop.
  12. Would be nice to see Stephen again behind the Borewors curtain, sure not too many new cachers know your face. Greetings from Cache Fan
  13. Congratulations to Nadia & Co to reach 200 smilies, keep it up, the next 100 are waiting.
  14. And the winner is Jors, good guess!
  15. There are now 994,682 active geocaches around the world, the countdown is running. There will be at least one more today as RedGlobe is on the mountain today.
  16. Today there are 989,555 active geocaches around the world, when will we reach the 1 million mark? Any prediction is welcome. Cache Fan predicts 30.06.2010.
  17. Will attend with the team of 3.
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