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  1. Hi there, I’m having the same issue here in South Africa. Compass points one way & distance decreases in another direction. Running iPhone 8 & upgraded to premium on the Geocaching app. Distance can fluctuate wildly as well.
  2. I have got enough people interested in joining a Clan, so have launched "Caching Clan" Search for us & join.
  3. I've closed my "Clan" for awhile, as you need at least 10 members to make it work.You welcome to contact me, if you want to start or join a clan.
  4. Hi there Carbon Hunter, Please don't ask me to post links or Pic's, as that is a bit beyond my abilities !!! I have been playing it on my iPad, but I'm not sure what other platforms it is on. Google it, there is lot's out there. It is certainly a fun game & not too challenging for some of us that aren't true Gamers.
  5. I know this is a bit off topic, but ...... I'm sure there are a lot of you that play that rather addictive game called "Clash of Clans"If you like, join my clan, called S.A 'Cachers. Make sure you give your 'Caching nickname when you join. Have fun !!!!
  6. We are visiting London for a week in early January. Can someone please help me with the most ideal Pocket Queries to cover London. This way we will be able to have everything on our Gps units. What is the best place to get "Free" maps for an Oregon 500.
  7. Many thanks for this. It took me awhile to register my GPS (why doesn't South Africa & Usa connect ???) Then got it done & got my free month !!!!
  8. Any offers @ R2250.00 (Couriered to your door)
  9. Whostops

    For Sale

    I hope to upgrade to a 550T soon. Anyone interested in buying my 300. It is still in great condition. Contact me & we can discuss a price.
  10. Dudley Send a PM to CacheQuest[ZA] - He may be interested. (I already have a 550 and love it.) PT Many thanks. Trying to "Find" him, so I can send a PM
  11. I will soon be upgrading to the 550T. Would anyone like to make me an offer on my Oregon 300? Send me a PM
  12. The hike required to get to this cache is worse than 2 hours spent mowing the lawn. Getting back is even worse.
  13. Nope. Correct Province though
  14. Fort Nonqai (GC15WXT) I have a picture of KT slding along the barrel
  15. Darn. We would love to. But we only leave Oudtshoorn that morning. Enjoy.
  16. Hello to all the Fine People down in the Wine Lands. We are coming down to Cape Town for a few weeks in December. Anyone got an Event planned ? It would be really great to hook up & swap stories.
  17. Yes, you claim it twice. Once on the Wherigo website & then on Geocaching. That is the proper Wherigo. There are a few games you can download & play anywhere. Have fun.
  18. The thread (Tread ?) is just to show that South Africa has more than 1 language. Well done to all of you. I can read & understand. Maar ek sukkel so bietjie om dit te skruif !!
  19. Nope, just trying to help a friend who is in financial difficulty.
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