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:D Thanks all for the congratulations! We have finally pried ourselves away from the computer and got ourselves out into the wild. :)


Congratulations too all the other cachers who are achieving milestones, it is good to see people out there caching and not glued to the forum or rankings. :D

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:laughing:CONGRATULATIONS NODDY on reaching the milestone age of 100 :laughing::laughing:


Happy caching! oh, and Happy Birthday! Present is in the workings at the moment... though it may require some travel and we expect you to get the FTF on it!

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:laughing: Congrats to the GlobalRat family!


Another cacher joins the world of insanity. Let us know which hospital you are at and we will place a cache at the doorstep so that you find it on the way out. This will allow you to beat the record of two months! :laughing:

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The first 100 is always the most special. Keep up the caching and the humour :huh::ph34r:


Thanks for the wishes GR! :huh: If it wasn't for your caches at the top of bloody mountains encrypted in some foreign alien language that even the aliens don't understand, we still might be sane right now :anicute:


but since we're not sane....... CACHE ON! :anicute:

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