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Thanks to all.


And a public congrats again to TVM. Hopefully they won't be hitting 400 in their last day in Scotland :lol: Seriously though, a fine achievement, and from the pics it certainly looks as though they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Celebrated my 200th in fine style and with a wonderful group of cachers at the Unite the Clans Event cache. It certainly made the double a very memorable one. Thanks to Brick, I'm now readily armed for the next 100. :lol:


Thanks again.

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Congratulations to QFC on achieving your first half century - very well done and keep up the good work. Sincere thanks are also extended to you all for the super web site - caching has now reached another level, with us all checking our positions just about daily and caching as frequently as we can. It certainly has made the sport far more alive in our country!

Regards and best wishes,

Tricky Vicky & Mickey

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Congratulations to both Bjbez and QFC and their milestones achieved. Well done chaps!!


And ditto to QFC re TVM's statements. Your ranking site has contibuted immeasurably to the sport... thanks for your stirling efforts and interest in the sport!



There is a disturbing trend of foreign cache collecting :unsure:

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UBER congratulations to Cownchicken on their magnificent second century.


I don't know how many of you realise what an outstanding achievement their double century is! Not only is it a great milestone, but if I'm not mistaken, each one of their 200 is a South African cache, and not one single Locationless!!



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Thanks TV&M. ;) Enjoyed the day out at the event and all the new geocaching friends that I made.


Loving every cache that I have found here in South Africa. Up to 9 now, and thought I might dieon two of those. :D:D I think I have come to the best geocaching country one could hope for. (counting people, caches, scenary, diversity, etc.etc.)


Congrats to all on their milemarks.

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Thanks for the tributes, folks! Yes, I'm shaking off the winter sloth, but alas my eyes seem to be failing me in my old age. Think I will have to arrange more joint ventures: two pairs of eyes are better than one! And with the number of muggings on the mountain recently, I'm not sure I want to venture out alone any more. :unsure:

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It seems that GS and Dogs managed to sneak by this wish list and are already on 67 caches, after only 3.5 months as a member!


And bear and fox managed their 100 after only 4.5 months!!


Well done everyone!!


And Goofster, your 50 after only nearly 4 years as a member. We want to see that 100 before the end of the year :huh:

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Yeah, sure thing, Discombob. The paint and brushes are in the cupboard under the basin - I'll expect my bedrooms painted by the time I get back with my ton. Oh, and don't forget to schedule the installation of the blinds and carpets while you're busy. :huh:


Seriously, I will do my best to 'up my game'. No promises, though.

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We have to congrat B&F on their century - you give us something strive for.


Also would like to mention THE HUSKIES as they are really getting close to biting us on the tails:). They been at it just over a month and already sitting in the 60's.


As for the Paint chipping off the walls and the jungle in the garden - Goofster you free this weekend? We would really like to go Geocaching this weekend but our lawn needs an urgent cut :huh:

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