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  1. Can the rest of us see a pic of the coin, for interest sake...
  2. I wonder why more people don't help cache owners with maintainance. I like to take along a cache and plastic bags to replace damaged caches, especially if someone reported damage before me. I think it's a great way for cachers and cache owners to work together. Caches in areas where you have to pay an entrance fee seem harder to maintain, and cache owners tend to not want to check those caches often. This is one place where what I'm talking about really helps. As for me, maintaining my own caches can be abit of a mission, especially if it takes time out of finding new ones
  3. Would be great to join in hunting a few or meeting up.
  4. It's fine to have a hitch hiker without a tag, that is how the whole thing started, after all. You don't even need to track it, but do attach a mission and I agree with the idea of adding your e-mail address. I created a hitch hiker that was a ball of rubber bands, it's mission was that who ever picked it up should add more bands and send it on to a new cache. I havn't heard of it since placing it, probably cuz I didn't give contact details on it. In the end, travel bug dog tags are more fun, I have seven and will still be sending out more.
  5. Man, that's such a cool story, was thinking of doing something similar. Reminds me of the one time I came hurtling out of some trees after finding a cache. It was a steep downhill and I didn't see that there were people in the road watching me. They thought I was very suspicious. Good thing I had a geocaching sticker on the back of my car.
  6. I've left old stamps before, I think if you can affort to raise the quality of cache contents, then go ahead, because it really adds something to the game.
  7. GPS movie website Trailer Wow! Looks more like the Blair Witch Project.
  8. I can't seem to find the RSS feed for the South African part of the forum, can anyone help? (It's so cool plugging RSS feeds into www.google.com/ig).
  9. Thanks Tricky V & M for giving my little MINI a 'tow'. Maybe I should have fitted that extra fuel tank after all
  10. Survived? I didn't really survive, it was more like denial.
  11. Man, those cockpit GPS systems are so cool. Can you believe they don't let you fly with a GPS until you've finished your private pilots license . But then again, who's going to look for caches from 1000ft in the air?
  12. Wow! That would crush any ice-cream container cache
  13. Hi everyone. I've been out of the geocaching thing for way way too long, but now I'm back and have my first targets lined up. I hope I'll get to meet all the new cachers and catch up with old friends again. (And maybe save my TB from finishing last in the TB race ) If you have a geocaching related website that you want to be linked to, let me know and I'll put it on my blog: www.rodney.engimation.co.za.
  14. Things to remember when making you TB: don't put anything too valuable on your tag, so it's less tempting. I like to put cheep toys on, which has worked for me. Most have been key-ring items. The only one I had stolen so far was Arty The Adventure Bug which was a bead and wire lady-bird. Someone took it but left the tag, so I could send it back on it's way with the help of the cache owner. Yeah!!! The best "anti-theft" bug I ever saw was a Daytona tire that the owner carried around in his pickup. Very impracticle, but who's going to stick that in their pocket :-) (or cache for that matter, the mind boggles)
  15. A Loftus Cache would be awesome! I see they are building something there already.
  16. I heard of a company that sent an employee to England to download all the information they needed, so the above scenario isn't far fetched at all. They even had the same idea behind their actions. Apart from that, I had to wait 4 Month for them to get ADSL up and running.
  17. Thats great, thanks warthog. I can also meet you if that would be easier, let me know via email or sms.
  18. GS&Dogs: what about bribing assassins? Tex&Capie: Where do you stay in the states?
  19. Caches that are easy for me to get to include: -Urban Tag #1 (2nd best option) -Pot of Gold -Pierre van Reineveld (1st best option) -Old Man Willow -Waterkloof -African Treasure -Round About -Konsentrasiekampkerkhof (3rd best option) -and Bakwena These caches are the easiest to get access too, with the shortest walk and also are mostly big enough to hold a few travel bugs. I've put in the ones that I think are the best to organise a pickup, obviously those caches nearby are just as good. We can also organise a meeting if that would be better.
  20. I'm leaving for the USA in about two weeks time. Is there anyone holding onto any Travel Bugs that have missions in the USA and need a lift there?
  21. Can you post pics of the things you mean vespaxvespa.
  22. Good point QFC! I hate putting in the coords by hand, especially since plugging the GPS into the PC means unplugging, plugging, unplugging and finally plugging in cables. What a hassel.
  23. Some of you will remember me asking for people to fill in a questionnaire on GPS usability. That was much earlier on in this year, and now the fruits of that labour are showing. Check out Usability News for the complete article. I really want to thank everyone who helped out by filling in the questionnaire, told their stories and those who supplied pics of their busted GPS recievers, even though they didn't use any of them in the end (Brick, that mean you , now don't bust ur new one)
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