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    I spy

    Geoff Ogden & iNokia. Greetings from afar...
  2. What a shame. But at the same time I can see where the park staff are coming from. Here in America caches are not allowed in the national parks, I understand it is slightly different in Canada. But the fact that it is a self regulating sport lends itself to abuse by some players, and this hurts the community in general. I hope it is confined to only Kruger, as I really enjoyed the thoughtful placements of caches in TMNP and all the local knowledge I gained from them while living in CT.
  3. Would have really liked to have tried some of those pancakes. And a braai, yummy...
  4. I have seemed to disappear into the chaotic mess of America over the past few months. My caching has dropped by loads, my mind can not get over the shear number of caches around me... And it is not a great feeling. I receive the cache update form from Groundspeak each week and it tells me there are over 100 new caches each week in my area... How can one handle this insanity? I have chosen to ignore them mostly. I did go out with Geo-P to find one in the woods a few weeks ago and than took an old colleage out to find some last Sunday. The caching is just different here and not so exciting. But alas, I have found a solution... No. Unfortunatly we are not moving back to Cape Town (although that would perhaps be the best remedy for my caching woes). After a few months near New York City, we have decided to move to were mountains are tall and the air is less choked with humidity. We are moving to Colorado in a few weeks to work in the natural settings of the US National Parks and Public lands of the Rocky Mountains. The Huskies and I discussed the potential caching through Skype one day and the numbers look more manageable for us and the topography far more interesting. So here's to caching in new lands again! Just wanted to give a short update on us as we miss all our SA friends and have not written the promised article for the newsletter (please forgive me cownchicken!). Take care and happy spring caching coming your way!
  5. Funny stuff. Now to have some decent cache notes on your iPod as well. Bring on the new iPhone!
  6. Nice site. Today is my 1,300 day milestone since starting geocaching! Would have never known that... Thanks. Bookmarked for future reference.
  7. Still looking for a Mac map for the country? Contact me through my sig below and I can get you one.
  8. Yes. You South Africans should pat yourselves on the back because your all champs!
  9. vespax


    Congrats to the Huskies on 1300! Man, you guys are hardcore. And to TnF and Little clan on your respective milestones. Missing the scenery of CPT...
  10. Glad it has a happy ending and the event will go on. I hope the best for it. I apologize if I stirred the pot too much in this thread... Sometimes we need some healthy debate in this forum! Enjoy the event everyone.
  11. Has anyone forwarded this thread to Getaway Magazine? Perhaps some pressure will be placed on them...
  12. Do it DIY. You will enjoy it more. Besides... You'll have a GPS to guide you to all the wonderful caches out there.
  13. Just want to state that I have nothing against the efforts of CF for developing GC in SA, just wanted to stir some healthy debate on the topic so that things in future might not get out of control...
  14. The ad is actually on a left page about 8 pages further on - guess the editor was to busy trying to figure out the co-ords datum. My concern was that things done wrongly can adversly effect official Geocaching and is the word "Geocaching" not part of the Groundspeak Geocaching registered trademark? I am interested in picking this apart some more. Is this an official geocache thing? Because when you report a cache here it plainly says READ FIRST: This is a free service. Only caches of a non-commercial nature can be posted through this site. If you wish to create a commercial cache or promotion, please contact us first. Caches perceived of a commercial nature will not be published. So my assumption is that GC HQ has given explicit authorization for this? Prices seem high. Who gets the money? If it is sponsored, than why pay at all. Or should you not find a company like Engen, Shell or Sasol to "sponsor" some petrol for the entrants?
  15. Not to stir the pot here... But I wonder about those Mazda event caches up in Gauteng, where it seems really commercialized for geocaching. Is this not part of the Mitsubisi/Getaway thing? Perhaps more caution needs to be given for those types of event caches, which I feel are not really in the theme of geocaching. *Sorry if I offend anyone with that comment. Best intentions inteded.
  16. its shouldnt be too hard - he works just up the road from you! Gosh, one week - you'd best go on a big cache spree this week! I guess no hint eh? So little time, I may not get many finds in before I'm in the Eastern Cape, than Abu Dhabi, than...
  17. I know what he looks like... Now to find him in the week that I have left...
  18. I like micros. I hid one just the other day out near Mosselbay. Micros4africa cache I would agree though with what Globalrat said. It is more the environment where the micro is placed. If you can figure out a way to get a small or regular size container hidden well in a spot that most would consider micro worthy, than you will earn "street cred" amonst us geocachers. John&Gill were excellent with hiding regular caches, because they toook the time to disguise them into the environment. I even walked past their So Square cache box yesterday and chuckled to myself, as I was one of the few who knew what that box on the pavement was really for.
  19. Should any english speakers that struggle with Afrikaans as being a completely foreign language be interested in following the tinderbox series, there are some language translation tools on the web. All of which come up with some funny sentence structure! Enjoy the thread, you native african speakers!
  20. This is really sad, although to be honest I am surprised it does not happen more with the amount of exploring we all do alone in this country. I have been caching many of times, with heart beat pumping as I've not felt exactly safe in an area... but in the end I have figured it was my paranoa more than actual danger. I've been mugged before while walking down the street, out on my lunch break, etc... but never while geocaching. I hope that is because the cache owner keeps it in mind that placing a cache in a potentially dangerous spot is just bad form. But than again, where is a dangerous spot and where is not? Things like this do happen. There is a thread on the forums of someone being attacked in New York City while caching but about 10 youths. We always need to be cautious of where we are and who is around us. I seldom take my little boy to find a cache, unless I knwo the area well. I can try and fight alone, but with a toddler... I am too much of a target and don't want him in the situation at all. Sad, sad, sad...
  21. ^ Woop! Some of the Western Cape MOC are mine! Note: Lucky#7 is being archived soon, so find it fast.
  22. All things must change, and although it may be sad that we will not see Eriks' name on our cache approval pages, the joy of seeing Fish Eagle will be equally as pleasing. Let's all keep up the quality of South Africa caches (even though I am off to the land of lame cache hides!).
  23. Brad was eating foil??? Still lost, even with a GPS in hand!
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