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  1. Hey Brick Good to see you online again Will we see caches going up again? Nope. Been a bit busy with other things. I cache so little these days, it hardly counts.
  2. Hello all, It certainly has been a while. I started caching 10 June 2001 at Maanhaarrand. How can I get my grubby little paws on one of those coins. I know I have not been all that active, but at least I still have one of the most visited caches in SA, just because it was placed in 2002...
  3. Hi can you please send me an email address for Geocaching Ranking Home Page? As I am trying to register, but the contact us page does not work.... Thank you kindly I have added you. PM on the way
  4. I have camped at Manyane before, but that was almost two years ago. Apparently, and this is not a confirmed rumour, is that the camp has gone backwards dramatically. It has also become a popular spot for people to come and party all night. BUT, this is what I have heard, I don't know how true it is. Worth asking people who have camped there more recently.
  5. Now what about Earthcahces ? They normally have a ton of ALRs...
  6. I might even consider joining you guys again...
  7. Many moons ago when Geocaching was still in it's infancy, we placed caches far and wide, not really considering things like maintenance. I would like to give some of my caches up for adoption, as they are really out of my way. If there are no takers, I will archive them rather, and let other cachers in the area place new ones. Danie Theron Memorial is one of them, and my series at Botshabelo. PM me if anyone is interested. Thanks.
  8. Smuts House, Irenealso has 184 finds, but it has been going for a very long time now.
  9. Brick

    What GPS?

    Hey there ! Well, a combination of GPSrs is never a bad idea. Planning a caching day can be quite an involved affair. On a recent trip, we had a Vista, a nuvi AND a Legend on the dash, JUST FOR incase.. Check this... (Note three GPSrs and the massive map on the dash) All three were powered from one lighter plug. We use the nuvi to get close, and then grab one of the handheld units to get closer still. ( And then we use a cellphone, cause we can't find the darn thing ! )
  10. I got my TB tag this weekend, and I have turned my camping trailer into a TB. It will probably be hard to discover, but I'm sure I'm due for some intersting logs ! MODJADJI
  11. The area around Monte Casino is a) not safe, and not very pedestrian friendly (too many roads crisscrossing), so take the advice and put up your dates and stuff, and the friendly caching community will be more than willing to help you out. Maybe even take you futher than your 6km radius !
  12. There has been a lot of negative posts lately, so I thought I'd throw in a bit of a positive topic. If you saw a log that made you smile, or an awesome photo, or someone that really just made your day, here's your chance. With all the blackjacks around, a log on an archived cache had me in stitches : The Cleminsons, de-blackjacking Or how about this guy's caching outfit : A tight fit ! .... I'm waitng
  13. It happened to me as well, I downloaded all the caches to my GPS with the descriptions attached, but from the time I did this to the time I get to the cache, say a week later, the cache has been disabled in the meantime. In this case, the time from loading to looking has been quite a while. SO yes, it can happen that for all you know the cache is still there, but by the time you get to log your DNF, only then do you see it has been disabled. Another battled raged a while ago where a cacher went on an extended holiday, found the cache, but by the time he got to log it a month later the cache has been disabled...
  14. The cricket commentators were discussing the term 'Elephant in the room' yesterday. This is basically a term used when everyone feels the same way about something, but is to scared to say something, for fear of being the only one that feels that way. Take my recent trip to PE. At a cache site, the hint serves no purpose, so trying to find the cache required me to search under bushes, under rocks, with lots of broken bottles and glass lying all over the place. Now what ? Do I keep quiet and say 'oo lovely place, but unfortunaltely could not find tha cache'. Elephant again. I think th owner needs to know that from the time he/she placed the cache, the situation has changed at the site, and there is now way I'm going to put myself in harms way to look for a micro. I'm not being negative or anything. One of my own caches has been archived because I got (VALID) negative comments about safety at the site. At the time of placing it, things were fine, but vagrants moved in close of the site in the meantime. Cache owners need to be wrapped on the knuckles when weeks go by without an effort to maintan their caches, so if someone moans, it's justified. Like someone once said : "If there is an elephant in the room, introduce him !"
  15. Brick


    Well done Team Ginger on reaching your 400th !!
  16. For some of the Multis - Where do we go from here ? - Live Nobody Knows - Live Then when you get to the final and you cant find it.... Dirty little secret - Sarah McLachlan and then you phone a friend. Answer - Sarah McLachlan
  17. Brick

    Cacher Mobile

    Brick and Team Ginger cast long shadows over Brick's trusty Fiesta '4x4'
  18. This conversation has been spoken about so many times. Bottom line folks : What you feel comfortable with, you log and do. I'm not going to question your ethics. (I will heckle you TO DEATH though ) Same as people who proudly display their numbers on their profiles stating "so-and-so has found 300 caches on 298 unique caches". Translated it means that they too have "broken the sacred rule" and logged a cache twice as a find. So ? Nobody jumping up and down. They felt that in THOSE circumstances another find was justified and will stick with their decision. Another part of the community would have logged a NOTE and will abide by their decision. So what ? In this instance the parties involved agreed on a plan of action, and although a big part of the community will shake their heads in disapproval, others might not. Or could not care less. I think we should adopt the "agree to disagree" principal and get on with it.....
  19. Brick and his two Judo-practicing Brickletts will be driving down to PE on the 1st of July for the South African Championships. If I can assist any TBs getting there, or coming back, drop me a line. My closest cache will be "Joshua's Seagull Junction". I will not have much time, as these Tournaments are notoriously disorganized, so any hints on which caches to go for would also be appreciated.
  20. Some people will stop at nothing to get their numbers up. We have had this discussion so many times and it looks like the only people that are irritated by this practice are the people that play the game right. There are no hard and fast 'rules' and everybody must know that but in the end it boils down to your own morals and ethics. Some cachers don't have them yet they go about boasting about their numbers. - The film canister replacing has been done, where the next cacher finds TWO. - I was with a cacher who wrote another cacher's name in the logbook so they could also log the find and then the other cacher waxed lyrical about a cache they never uncovered or saw. - I was at a cache recently where the logbook contained two entries, mine and another known cacher, yet the cache log on Groundspeak has THREE entries. Go figure. - A group not finding a cache, some of the group logging a FIND, some of the group a DNF. ... ag the list goes on. This argument has been discussed ad-nausea and will be discussed in future too. It won't change. I have read the FOUND logs of a few 'Established' cachers, and it makes you wonder. As with our Taxis on the road, YOU stick to the rules of the road, and they push in, drive in the emergency lane, cut you off, etc. And what exactly can you do about it? Absolutely nothing! Silently you dream about a Hummer with a Gatling gun in the nose, but yet working yourself up about something that won't change is an exercise in futility. You just play the game right....
  21. ...and another thing : If you know someone who has the DVD, you can use theirs. The DVD is just a means of accessing the site.
  22. Let me just say that waiting would probably be your best option. Garmap's website is so full of bugs and their phone support left me really disgusted. You cannot buy more than one mapset at a time, and going back and forth on the site, you can end up paying for one set and the software unlocks the wrong set. This was my experience : I went to buy the Mauritius maps, added it to the cart, went back to see how much the TOPO set would be. It then told me that I cannot add more than one item to the cart.... ok fine. So I went to pay for the Mauritius maps, only for it to unlock the streetmaps and TOPO. (I think it remembers what you clicked on last.) I don't want the 2008 streetmaps, as it is so big now that my eTrex Legend C with it's puny 24MB of memory cannot load Jhb And Pta at the same time. I then phoned Avnic, only to be told 'We will get back to you.' I'm still waiting. And I still don't have the maps I paid for unlocked.....
  23. Officially now : Egg on face comes to mind.... R99's worth of eggs.....
  24. Brick


    You go Fish Eagle ! Wish I could be running around the countryside like you ! ... And inbetween all this commotion, GeoPoppit quietly went to 100. Well done you !
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