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Congratulations to Larks, XV Pilot, Bundu 2, Geocacher co.za, Wolkynou and Batsgonmad who have all done so well recently. Keep it up - we are proud of you all.

Well done too to Noddy - caching in the UK is certainly different to here, but great fun and an incredible way to see the country.

Caching has certainly taken us to places and sights we would never ever have visited!

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Thanks guys!

Houston is easy to find caches! To find 6 to 10 per day is not a real problem. Will try to get my 50th cache in Houston today!

South African caches are definitely far more superior to here!

Only thing about where the caches are hidden here in the USA, is the wonderful preserved nature, how accessible and safe the nature areas are and the attitude of the people you meet while doing something outdoors. NO busloads of hooligans, no loud music, no dirty drunk people, just nice friendly, courteous people out enjoying themselves the same as you! We have everything they have here, but here it is just soooooooo much BETER. By that I mean- all parks are clean, well kept, SAFE with no vagrants etc! Nice patch’s to jog, ride bike and just enjoy yourself, It just makes me so jealous and MAD to know that we have the potential as well but most public parks we go in South Africa it is dirty, unsafe and plain horrible.

A few months ago I was looking to place a few caches along the Vaal River. I could not find ONE spot that was good enough for a cache. The public areas were the normal lot of problems--- unsafe and just plain filthy. In Vereeniging, van der Bijl area there are just not one park or public area that is a state to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

I will certainly miss all this when back in South Africa!

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I will certainly miss all this when back in South Africa!

Sounds like you are becoming a convert to America. Hope this doesn't spoil your signature on your posts! :P


As an American living and caching in South Africa, I have to say that there is something special about South Africa. The cache quality is consistantly high across the board, the scenery is stellar, and the other cachers are top notch. I have enjoyed caching here more than I ever did in the States.


Now, regarding the safety issue, it is a problem. Especially when you are walking alone with a device in your pocket that is equall to a few months salary of the person taking a nap nearby. But, it gets your heart rate moving, quickens the minds thoughts (escape routes?) and overall is not a serious issue, otherwise caching wouldn't be progressing so well in the country.


I have found caches in three other "third world" countries and South Africa beats them all, hands down. :)


Now, to get out this week and claim those next two caches for my next milestone!!!!!! And perhaps I should place two while I'm at it to get a second milestone on the week. :P

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Thanks for the congrats - my 50 has been a long time coming compared to most of you, and I am glad I have reached it at last.


quickens the minds thoughts (escape routes?)

I am glad I am not the only one who is constantly plotting escape routes when out in public with a GPS. I thought I was just being paranoid. :P


- XV Pilot

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Sounds like you are becoming a convert to America. Hope this doesn't spoil your signature on your posts!

NO, not at all! Always a South African! It just makes me sad and angry that we live like this nowadays! Why do we have to look for escape roots etc? Why can't we just enjoy our fabulous country to its fullest?

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thanks guys ive been serously chasing 50 for awhile now and glad to get it, but i think 100 will be alittle more difficult.

on the safty issue been a police man makes it no better for me i still feel unsafe going out on my own and i sometimes rush the caches just to get out, and we shouldnt have to feel this way should we

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Thanks Goofster. I appreciate the warm words of encouragement. I have taken a liking to this beautiful land here. :D


And congrats to our friend Emzett on his recent 500!!!! Yes I know he dwells in Germany, but has traveled many times to SA to find caches through out. Thought he deserved a congrats.

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Well done to the four of you(CnC, TV&M). Really a great acheivement. And thanks for the wonderful event cache this past weekend. I will have to nominate that as one of the best caches in the western cape, if not world! :lol: And the significant other really loved meeting you all.


Now about this CITO...... :ph34r:

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I will have to nominate that as one of the best caches in the western cape, if not world! B) And the significant other really loved meeting you all.


Yes, indeed a fantastic event!!

Does this mean that the significant other will be coming on the next event cache too?

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Yeah, well done TV&M and CNC on their milestones - you have all shown utter commitment and total dedication to the sport and inspire us to better efforts.


Vespa, the CITO event is gathering momentum. Obviously we don't want to give away too much just yet, but provisionally book the morning of Saturday 22 April, International CITO day, for the Western Cape event. Negotiations with interested parties are under way.



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Thank you very much everybody for your congrats on our 300.

So many of you have been an inspiration to us in many different ways. THANKS!


And to Batsgonemad-

"well ive got 55 caches planned for april along the coast to capetown, as part of our honeymoon."-

We're glad to see you have your priorities in order!

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We second the sentiments of TV&M regarding the accomplishment.


And it was very nice to meet you both for breakfast this morning. And also thanks for 'sponsoring' it. :laughing:


We shall try to make it up to your neck of the woods sometime. You told great stories of caches in Mpumalanga (sp). :laughing:

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A big congrats to FishEagle from us too! Pity we didn't meet you at the breakfast...overslept!! :D


We also want to say congrats to the remarkable achievment the Huskies have made! They started caching on the 18th of Sept 2005 and on the 18th of Feb 2006, they found their 150th cache!! Well done! ...but now you can give it a bit of a rest to allow the likes of us to catch up. :laughing:

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[ :lol: Thank you for the congrats! Believe me I think myself and the kids would like to stop for a little while but I do not think that Marius is going to fall for it. Even using the no electricity excuse (not be able to print the cache info) is working anymore so sorry you are just going to have to catch up :laughing:


You guys need to see Marius after this last weekend, he almost broke his neck coming off F of Franschhoek. Yet this did not stop us because we still had to do the 7 that was printed!! :lol:


:lol: Congratulations to Fish Eagle for hard hunting in our stunning no electricity province.

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:) Congratulations on the 300 Discombob. Glad that we could have been part of this big number today! :o You know of course that we are just going to be doing far more that our usual 10 a day to get to your 300 :(


ZAlandyman & Susiesq congrats with the 50 - Cool running :huh: We look forward to doing the next <_< 50 together :(

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Thanks folks B)

What fun its been finding all these great caches, and thanks to all the WC, EC, KZN and Gauteng folks for placing them for me to find!

While trips to other provinces (especially Mpumalanga) are on the cards, I'm afraid I'll be spending next month overseas - but don't worry pensioners 1 and 2, its going to be in a cache sparse area :(


And well done to Globalrat, ZALandyman & Suzieq, AlexS, FranTre for their milestones. It was great to be there for Landy and Susies 50 too - I wouldn't have made my 300 this week if it wasn't for their handy landrover :rolleyes:

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It seems that the activity level is at a fever pitch. Well done to all who have reached milestones, you all know who you are. Lets keep those counters ticking and continue exploring this awesome country.


And Bob, hopefully your overseas trip will be better than your last attempt at int'l caching. :rolleyes:

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And Perdix became a Lieutenant too ... Congrats on 50 perdix...


And all you other guys on the milestones - Discombob, Cache-fan, ZAlandyman and others ... seems to be a "lekker naweek" for caching ...



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Yeah, my congratulations to all who achieved milestones this weekend. I even became a 'dark green' Captain (minor milestone!). And I see there are a few new 'cachers' popping up in the Western Cape: hope they keep at it! :rolleyes:

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