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  1. There are quite a few Event caches coming up. Perhaps you should attend one or two of them and meet the local geocachers. Have a look at the Fynbos Finders on this forum or join Western Cape SA Geocachers on Facebook.
  2. How many 'N' tiles are there in a Scrabble set?
  3. It is a pangram - uses all the letters of the alphabet. We did a puzzle cache a while ago called 'The quick Brown Fox'
  4. Which soccer team is known as Alibiceleste?
  5. Both Rhenish and La Rochelle were established in 1860. So it is all yours Riis.
  6. Staying with this subject - which is the oldest girls school in SA?
  7. Try accessing geocaching.com on Google Chrome and downloading caches from there. Find this works for us.
  8. Easter not good. 4th fine, evenings after work are also fine as long as it is not too far out of Town. Looking forward to seeing you.
  9. Seems like it will be okay on Saturday - seems the cloud cover will come later in the day. Please let Andre know.
  10. The emphasis is on man made mine. That is 'man dug' mine.
  11. Okay. Here goes. Which town in South Africa has of the deepest vertical man-made hole?
  12. Peterleroux it is your turn ask a question.
  13. we were dsicussing holiday plans this morning when I remembered the Germans used to have colonies in East Africa too. Zanzibar? Quite right! All yours Peter.
  14. Will mail you soon. Are you interested in numbers or do you want higher terrain caches?
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