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  1. I am pleased to see a growth that is definitely not linear! Seems like your proposed target(s) are in reach after all! Great! Congrats to all.
  2. As a belated forum attendee (I only started looking at the forums at the urging of Seeker Two today - thanks Seeker) - herewith my two cents worth. Looking at the graphs - 1 000 (did I understand "new" or is it in total?) - caches seem to be an unobtainable challenge? I will certainly do my bit - I have a cache ready and I am following the route of obtaining formal permission to place it. No harm in placing the "bar" high up I guess - there are no penalties for us not making it. I do support logic and reasonableness however - caution/conservatism is justified? On the premium member front - I feel that it is only fair to contribute to an organisation that is providing computer resources and helping me to have so much fun/frustration. If we can encourage others to join to the benfit of us all then I say go for premium member caches! I have seen a cache stripped of its contents with a weak excuse - can being a premium member help to tacitly encourage adherence to an acceptable code of conduct? (You gets what you pays for and if it is cheap then there is no motivation to look after it....) Enough said for today! Regards to all.
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    Thanks for the encoragement. I see I have a comrade in the guise of FranTre - well done! Now for the next 50.....
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