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;) Well done John-Gill for your 200 finds and 20 hides !!!


;) Recent Lowveld cacher milestones -


22 Jul - Gps Storm - 40th hide

23 Jul - Guineafowl - 50th find

24 Jul - 4x4bushadventures - 10th hide

30 Jul - D&T Otter - 150th find


Well done guys - give it stick!!!!

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:anitongue: Thanks. It was made special by having fellow cachers Team Noddy there to join me in my 400th. I'll hold you to the 800th....


Beeg Congrats to John-Gill (Keep up the good work), Amyson, VespaX, and to TVM (mmm...chocolate sauce and red wine and..... :anitongue: )

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Well done TV & M - 600 !!!


Well done Discombob - 400 !!!


Well done Hectic - 200 !!!


Well done Crystalfairy - 150 !!!


Well done Battlerat & Pussycat - 100 !!!


:P You all get a very beeg NOD!! :(

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