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Wow, first to reach the highest rank of General! We now have to start a new ranking page for all those with more than a 100 finds, and we think we will use the Star Wars Rank Insignia :unsure:

Anyway, for now TVM, you will have to just sit back an enjoy being a General ;) Wooohooo


Charlie from QFC

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A big thank you to everyone for all the messages and congratulations - we've had such fun and do so enjoy our time spent caching and look forward to finding many of the new caches that keep being placed in our lovely country.

We've met so many super people in the geocaching world who have become special friends to us - thank you for all your support and friendship.

Regards to you all,

Vic & Gill

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Naw! I think TV&M need a more appropriate title. Something to go with the leather jackets, bandannas and mugglebusters! They look all friendly and homely when you meet them (and they are, really they are!), but underneath the calming smiles and chocolate sauce diversion lies... erm... where was I? Oh! Yes! There lies a deeper rumbling of two mean and muscled geocachers that stop for nothing! It's just them, their iron Garmin and the road...


And we are very proud of them!



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Congrats to Batsgonemad family! And to all those who reached milestones at the CITO event.... there were a few!


And a big well done to South African caching for having TV&M on our team! :ph34r: Entering the big league! :laughing:


Seriously, well done TV&M on leading the way and doing it in style!

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Can I claim the bragging rights for placing #900? ;)


When I opened the listings for SA we were at 899, and moments later I've received confirmation that my 29th cache was approved and the total tally went to 900. ;)


Go hunt for GCVVVT ... Active Cache #900 in SA!!!

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Looks like the caching community is really active ! Not long now to 1000...


And one of the most fanatical cachers I have met, GlobalRat, has snuck back into the country, and notched up number 300. And being a true patriot, chose to do a South African cache too !! Well done !!

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Thanks for all the congrats and off-line messages. :shocked:


Congratulations to all the recent big and small milestones reached by so many cachers. Unfortunately I missed the live action as the past few months have been dire and I was starting to envisage seeing the 300 in errrrrr.....2008.....maybe. But there is always a glowing cache at the end of the tunnel ;)


It is really great to see caching on a boom cycle in SA... may it continue.

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It is mother's day in Australia, and apparently in SA too!! :o Never been very good with dates! :mad:


So, I'd like to use the forum to say a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to


1) Cow (cownchicken).... Mum, thank you for SOOOO much!! :o:mad:


2) one half of Baa! First mother's day. Woohoo! :o


3) All the caching mothers everywhere.... have a good one!



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