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Thanks for the congrats.


Congratulations to all the cachers that recently got a century / half century. eyc. Especially the recent ones, Colinbo and Seeker Two.


I agree with Noddy, the caching in the top 20/30 is fierce and I am looking forward to the holidays, as it is going to be very interesting.


Also to those who intend going overseas (AE_Rodney, any others?), enjoy the overseas caching!

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Lotsa congrats to everyone that got to their respective centuries. Now Seeker Two, about that overseas trip : Caching in the UK is not all it's cracked up to be. Sure, it makes your numbers look good, but the quality of the caches leaves a lot to be desired. The last cache I visited contained the logbook and pen. two plastic balls(not even rubber so the thing can at least BOUNCE) and a pair of latex gloves. I mean really. And like my good friend the Rat pointed out, the only caches we could not find were the ones where someone nicked the neon arrow saying 'CACHE IS HERE' so I stopped on 196. I did not want my 200th cache be a plastic container attached with a magnet to yet another bench. No no. Number 200 is gonna be in South Africa. Pity I solved Stoddards already :D

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Well Done Cache-fan on your 100.


Brick : Good choice leaving #200 for South Africa. all the caches I did overseas were not so impressive except in Australia. In Malaysia I could not find most of them and in the UAE i was scared as the military police there just confiscate your cameras etc if they see you snooping around. I had to do one cache in the dark to slip past a policeman.

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Bjbez, we have just noticed that you have done 150 caches and that 21 of those caches were done today in South Australia! That must surely be a record and we say very well done. We managed to do 10 one day in Scotland, but were totally exhausted at the end of it, so can't even begin to imagine doing 21! Just keep going and have a great time. Many thanks for taking Lisa the lizard travelling too - am sure she must be having fun too.


Tricky Vicky & Mickey

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TVM, thanks for the congrats. What a day it was! I started out 08h00 and finished 18h00 - I'll publish some of the pics shortly. It took about two days to plan the route around the Belair National Park in Adelaide, South Australia. It was surprisingly beautiful, not just a bunch of Eucelyptus trees on the flats, but quite a bit of climbing. So far I maintain that Adelaide must be a Geocachers Utopia, apart from the Western Cape, of course (untill AE_Rodney will probably prove me wrong in the US). I hope Liza the Lizard finds her way to the Outback.


Congrats to GlobalRat who must have the most FTFs in one day - 7! This is the type of stuff you normally can't plan days ahead. Well done GR.

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Thanks all - and HAHAHA, take that Brick, and Cownchicken <_<

Globalrat, my guns are pointing at you now!


And goodness, just look at all the milestones in the last 30 days - 7 new centurions, so well done Vespa, Bear &Fox, Warthog, Colinbo, Seeker2, cache-fan and GS&Dogs!

We should start a cricket team!

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So happy that GS&Dogs have also reached their century - very well done! My, my........ the number of cachers with triple figures has certainly risen dramatically these last few weeks and months, as the number of caches in SA quickly rises towards the 500 mark. It's very exciting and we look forward to the sport growing even more.

Well done, everyone!


Tricky Vicky & Mickey

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I might not get to internet before this happens, but Goofster is sitting within 1 find of his century. So Congrats to him beforehand. I am certain the temptation to find that final cache is eating him up as he rounds this milestone.


Well done on setting the goal of 100 before Christmas and reaching that. I witnessed the determination and it was fierce! :P


Happy Holidays to all.

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And Goofster, your 50 after only nearly 4 years as a member. We want to see that 100 before the end of the year :D

See what you did, discombob? You went and created a caching monster. But thanks to all for the encouragement and kick in the pants. It's been a hard but fun slog (as vespa attests). And thanks to all of those who joined me on the journey - vespa, stef and larks - good company and good guys, every one of them! Can I take a break for XMas now, puh-lease? :rolleyes:

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Thanx very much for the wishes. We had an amazing holiday and caching really does take you to some fantastic places. In London and the UK there is so much to see and do. The place is steeped in history. There are over 8000 caches in the UK. Caching is also a brilliant educational tool that we all should use.

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Belated congratulations to all who have achieved some major milestones in the last 2 months, haven't had my eye on the rankings for some time so missed out on some of the action.


Especially to Brick who has been lingering around that 200 mark for some time.... the rest of you must understand there is precious little caching happening up north.... and to Noddy who waxed mudisland to clock up a pair of milestones... although I think after 100 the 50's don't count anymore :unsure:

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And here's a milestone of an entirely different sort: I recently bought some travel bug dog tags from geocacher.coza. One of them has the tracking # 543210. How cool is that? I'm sure he didn't mean to let that one go! Perhaps I'll hold it back for the 2007 TB race. Or should I auction it on eBay?


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The nice caches in the Western Cape helped a lot to achieve this one! Thanks guys and gals ... ;) And there still are such a lot to do. I'll have to take longer leave or just AWOL from work :(


In my surrounds there are few to be found :( ... all I can do to hold position is plant a few caches :unsure: . You guys will have to come and visit my neck of the woods...

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Watching the climbing competition closely?

:antenna: Let's just say I like to keep abreast of events. Wolkynou was visiting all of the caches that I'd recently found, and I've been caching with Larks and knew he was approaching 50. Now that I've reached my 100, I'm going to live up to my name and start 'goofing off'.




Only kidding. I'll keep the scoreboard ticking over . . .

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Congrats to Larks on the half century. I got to go caching with him that day it it was a long hot journey to claim that 'Good Point' cache! :laughing:


Also congrats to geocacher_coza, XV Pilot, Noddy, bundu2, Wolkynou on all the milestones. Keep up the good times. <_< Did Noddy really find 50 caches in 4 days?


On a different note, B&F looks like they have been taking a break, letting the rest catch up a bit ( <_< ) but their good help in a caching crisis (missing stage in a multi) got us the owners mobile number so we could find the cache. Congrats to them for being true sports and helping some fellow cachers out on a cache that they haven't even found yet. Thanks guys! :unsure:

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Also congrats to geocacher_coza, XV Pilot, Noddy, bundu2, Wolkynou on all the milestones. Keep up the good times.  Did Noddy really find 50 caches in 4 days?


Yes, and I have the blisters to show for it. We had a fantastic time walking London.

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