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  1. I enjoy cricket so let's try this one: England's last three wickets went to a hat trick and maybe the hattrick was the first three balls of the day?
  2. Hi Justin, Thanks for the offer. I had so many things on my plate over the past few weeks that I never got to it. When will you be in Midrand and where more or less, so that I can arrange for a possible drop off. Regards Petrus (Warthog)
  3. I need to get two TBs to Western Cape / Cape Town from Gauteng. Is anyone travelling in that direction shortly or willing to send me their Postal address for a "stargate" trip for the TBs to Western Cape?
  4. Geocachers do it by placing unwanted objects in it Geocachers do it by placing coins in it Geocachers do it by placing bugs in it
  5. Geocachers have to find it, before they can do it
  6. I need a favour from any cacher that will be in the Heidelberg area in the next couple of days. According to my logbook I placed a geocoin in the cache, but never logged it into the cache. I need someone to visit cache GC1HCBR - Syuikerbosrand to check if the coin OCZ7K9 is in fact in the cache.
  7. I read the following in an article on the new IPhone: "One of the device's biggest talking points is new GPS capability. GPS will complement the iPhone's existing location awareness that utilizes Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation to fix on a location and deliver local search results accordingly. " Maybe one day the Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation will allow Geocaching to go indoors or under ground
  8. My view is a definate NO, however now that I need to revisit some of my old caches I placed a few years ago, I think it is just as difficult for me to find them as for other cachers, maybe I must rethink my view point
  9. warthog


    Thanks to all the congrats. Obvisouly from my side congratulations to all those that acieved milestone over the past few weeks. Don't want to mention any names, as I might forget someone and also the list is just growing to fast!
  10. I thought you guys were talking about something to stop you from caching, like a nicotene patch. Wow, am I reliefed that I was wrong!
  11. Hierdie lyk nogal na 'n opwindende affere!!! Wil net weet, is dit toelaatbaar dat ek my reistor in jul tonteldoos bere?
  12. Left Alberton in the early hours of Monday morning, collected Nish4 and Globalrat and was just it time going through Midrand (enroute to the Cullinan caches) to see a beautiful sunrise. Had a great day with the gang. At one stage collected a discarded speed sign showing 40 and though this must be some sign (other than for speed ) for the day. Well, if we can now just get GR or Nish4 to publish a photo here, you'll see that we eventually at around 18:15 got to cache 40 for the day. Must say here. Congrats to eragonSaphira and the team for placing the Cullinan caches. Must rate as some of the best placed, best named and nicest variety of caches I have come across in a long time. Keep it up!!!
  13. warthog


    Congratulations to Globalrat, Noddy and TVM for reaching those BIIIIIIGGGG milestones!!!
  14. I know this must have been discussed before, so apologies for that. I did a cache on the weekend, where the original cache (which I found some time back), was moved to a new location. The new location is approx 250 metres away from original location, which according to the .1 mile rule (160 metres) could (should?) have been a new cache. This was as if it was a new find to me, but due to the "one find per cache" rule, did not log another find. Question: Should this have been a new cache? Would it be acceptable to log another find in this case, as it is more than 160 metres from original location?
  15. warthog


    Weldone to Nish4 on reaching 400, great job!
  16. I have seen a first to find state something to the effect "Found it this morning", may have been a typo who knows, but the cache was only published around 13:45 in the afternoon, now that seems to be a bit fishy.
  17. warthog


    Thanks to all for the congrats! Now watching GR on his 1000th and where is Nish4, nearly 400!!!
  18. I have now added two portions of the East rand to Mpumalanga routes. Let me know if these are to your liking and I will activate all the other portions I have. I have broken them up into smaller portions, in order to allow for various different routes in the area. ZA - Nelspruit to Sabie via R37 and R536 ZA - Alberton to Middelburg Toll Plaza Keyword search on "Mpumalanga" should also find these.
  19. Maybe you can "collaborate" with a South African who does have a credit card that can buy you a "gift" membership and you can then transfer cash to his/her bank account.
  20. I have done some of the roads from East Rand to Nelspruit, as well as, Nelspruit to Sabie/Pilgrims. Will make them public within the next two days.
  21. Anyone travelling south in the near future? I have the UFDs for Cape Town and Malmesbury and would like to pass on to a cacher that may be going in that direction.
  22. My attempt at a race name: The Great Trek
  23. I have three unactivated TBs in my possesion. Someone overseas may "buy" the TB and I wil forward you the activation code and will then add something to the TB on your behalf. Contact me directly if anyone overseas would like to do this.
  24. The TB is now safely in the hands of Brick who will be dropping it off in the George area.
  25. I have a TB that arrived in SA yesterday and needs to go to Cape Town. Anyone travelling there shortly? Please contact me via email. TB: ==> Ajax Forever
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