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Thanks so much. This two hundred has been great fun, and we are looking forward to the next 200 plus change.


Great to hear cownchicken clocking up the big 400. That magic 500 number is not too far away now! We wish you great finds and breathtaking scenery for your upcoming tour.


Also good to see GlobalRat sniffing some caches in the Cape (and clocking another milestone).


And an early congratulations to GS&Dogs who made their 200 this weekend. Well done!


On a slightly different note: well done and thanks to all those cachers placing so many new caches! We have been to some fantastic finds lately and I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I log on and see not just one or two new caches after a weekend, but three (plus). That's really great.



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Milestones are coming fast and furious now ... too fast to keep up with all the congrats!!! :lol:


Congratulations to all with the milestones of the weekend!! :lol::lol:


It seems to me that I'm the only one stuck on 98/29 at ... but watch out, I'm leaving for PE later this week, and I'll definitely raid a few :lol::D

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Thanks all!!


Special thanks to all those people who placed the caches for us to find. Our first 200 has been a blast.


Well if 200 is special then I suppose 400+ is incredible - Congrats cownchicken. By the looks of things its going to be 500+ pretty soon :(


Congrats right back at ya B&F - We will look back in 10 yrs time and smile at the meager 200.

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:D This was a good weekend ... :)


The Huskies 350 ;)

Discombob 350 :)

Tramper 50 :D

Amyson 150 :)


Fish Eagle hit his halfcentury in hides :D


ZALandyman&SQ (150) & Hectic (100) did their bit in the week ... :D


Congratulations all ... Go out, get them ... :)


And what happened to the cow'nchicken ... they're so quiet ... did they manage to get lost on their cachepedition up country??? :)

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Yes, a special mention for Fish Eagle on his placing skills ;) Some interesting looking caches too!

I sure hope to make it up there in the next couple of months.


Congrats to Tramper, Hectic, Amyson, Landyman and SQ, Wolkynou, AErodney etc, and right back at you, huskies :)


And Wolkynou, you weren't around when CnC did their last big trip.

They dont log while they are away, and all of a sudden they are 100 caches richer, so be prepared for the big jump!

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Well this could explain why I have been waking up in the dead of night with visions of a surfboard chasing us from behind. CONGRATS Goofster!!


We were fortunate enough to witness B&Fs 250th cache. Well done guys. Roll on 500. I'll start chilling the bottle of Pond Grass!

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Well this could explain why I have been waking up in the dead of night with visions of a surfboard chasing us from behind. CONGRATS Goofster!!


I still think that surfboard looks like a Jetsons spaceship or something. I struggle to see the board or the waves, but it doesn't matter, well done Goofster. I was wondering where you had gone. Looks like you were out caching rather than sitting in the office typing on the forums. Excellent job.


And congrats to all others. I am slowly slipping down the rankings thanks to all your many finds!

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Hey, guys and gals, give me a break ... now that you've heard that I'm retired hurt (due to my PhD studies) you are accelerating the pace ... :ninja:


Congrats ... B&F, Cache-fan ... and all you other intrepid cachers ... I'm so jealous not being able to go out for a few of the hidden boxes, blikkies and other stuff :drama:

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