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WOW!!!! :( What an incredibly busy time this has been!


Congratulations and best wishes go to:

Globalrat - 600

Noddy - 500

Cachefan - 500

Brick - 400

Trackinfind - 200


We are thrilled for you all and hope you have lots of fun finding many more caches.



ZALandyman and SuzieQ please log soon - we're all longing to know how many caches you have found.

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Congratulations to all cachers that have been having FUN !!!!!


TV & M - 900

Huskies - 900

Globalrat - 600

Cachefan - 500

Brick - 400

ZALandyman & Suzie Q - That would be telling ( They will only log after the 20th) <_<

Trackinfind - 200

Battlerat and pussycat - 200

Carlos44 - 25


What a start to the new year.

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As we are back in civilisation again after 16 days camping in KZN without much caching activities (oh nooo is the rat trap starting again) many thanks for the best wishes received for our 500th.


Also many congrats to all other cachers who archieved milestones during the festive season from our side.


Does 2007 present us with a lot of caching activities and opportunities.


All the best for 2007 from Cache Fan

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Have not been on this web site for a while. It seems like there are lots of congrats all around. I think the big one is to the Huskies 999. It won't take long for the missing cache. Also cograts to all the others TV & M, Globalrat, Cachefan, Brick, QFC, Trackinfind, Battlerat and pussycat. It seems you are all busy.

We will only congratulate ZALandyman & Susie Q when they log their caches and get their e-mail working as it seems to get returned to us.

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