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Huge congrats go to TVM. Wow you guys really must be having lots of fun !!!!


On a smaller note, but not any less important.


Congrats to DiePienaars on reaching their first mile stone. Hopefully this is the first 50 of many more. Enjoy.



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Congratulations to QFC for reaching 300. I wonder how long it will be to get to 400???


Hope you had fun down in the Cape !!




300 ??? We havent even logged the caches.... News in the grapevined area spreads fast, that or Noddy was borded and had no caches to find again this weekend. Thanks for the kind words. WE HAD A BLAST, and will be paying for it for the next few days.


All we can say is this:


2 Days (1 night)

~ 500km (by car)

~ 3200 km (by plane)

35 Caches ( 13 Micros).

Sore feet, scratched legs, sunburt faces... ALL WORTH IT.


Thanks to all the Western Cape cachers for placing the caches in their fair cities.

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Probably not the right forum for it, but congratulations to Vespax and the non-geocacher on the addition to the team! What a great find, guys!




Hey... no better place... A BIG CONGRATS TO NON-GEOCACHER & VESPAX and the new addition!



And now, a message to all who have done so well caching: WELL FRIGGIN DONE!!!


We have spent so little time on these forums lately, sadly my real life (ie, the survival of my business) has sorta come in the way, but hey, we're surviving, and surviving well, and looking forward to Mpumalanga.



QFC- 300

TV&M- 800... um 900??


GR- 500

and to everyone else, WELL DONE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS, because if you don't cache now, when are you going to cache?

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