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  1. You're right. 400 men drowned - including the captain and all 200 women and children were saved.
  2. You're right. 400 men drowned - including the captain and all 200 women and children were saved.
  3. Wow - I seemed to remember something about maths. Okays - The practise of "Women and children first" was first used not far from Hermanus in 1852. What did it apply to?
  4. Wasn't he something to do with maths? I think I remember the name from high-school - but can't think why.
  5. anlufu

    I spy

    Good morning Cownchicken.
  6. Wow - I beat Carbon Hunter!! Thanks for the clue. What is the Afrikaans word for "Ventriloquist"?
  7. My Dad thinks it was on old method of fighting that was written about.
  8. BTW - tatting is an old craft where, using a series of small knots in thin twine, and a small shuttle you make very pretty lace.
  9. Wow - you tat too? Will have to have a "tatting event" Well done - you're it.
  10. Shows what being a crossword addict can do for you!! Okay a question from Mum: What is "Tatting"?
  11. A sword belt worn from the shoulder (according to my Mum)
  12. I don't think anyone is going to get closer - you're it Ginger - and funnily enough it was found very close to your Outiniqua cache. The plant is callled Erica Georgica
  13. Nope - I'm looking for one particular species.
  14. You're on the right track. It is an erica and if it would have been extinct before it had been discovered! The plant found is still growing in the grounds of the George Museum. But what did they call it?
  15. And we're not jealous!!! No - not me!! Okay's - keeping it local. Where the Outiniqua Pass was being renotavted a group of volunteers from the very new South Cape Herbarium went on a rescue mission to save plants from the blasting and bulldozers. As a result a "new" fynbos was discovered and saved. What was it?
  16. After lots of head scratching the only nationality that sounds anything like"cravat" is "Croat"?? Not sure if the French would call them that!
  17. Was it french slang word for the people who originally wore them?
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