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  1. hey guys, the little guy was MIA for a week, now is back on tracks... sorry to see the little guy go.... any resurrections planned for later in the year?
  2. cool idea. the only problem is how they would be able to catch up with bugs who have clocked up thousands of voyager miles already?
  3. aahhhh, evidently my dear Watson, where did NotBlonde get all they geocoins? Looks like they are the "first" owners - hmmm.... the tracks lead to our mystery geocacher
  4. Well Done GR!!!! Chuck (and us) congrats you on your 700th!!
  5. Hey TeamTGF, Your silver design looks pretty awesome for a SA geocoin! wow! Also, "The Big 5" writing on your other coin would look pretty good on the "beaded" flag, with the rhino. Hmmm... will see was the geocoins.nl guys say.
  6. k guys, tell me if you like this... I tried the SA Tourism logo on the back - maybe Geocoins.nl could make the coin a little bumpy as if it were beads? If the logo is impracticle, then use Fish Eagles SA Flag. I know a little bit more colour will need to be added around the coin - just not sure what? Just for clarification... exactly which animals are known as the big 5? I know they are called that because they are the most difficult to hunt (in the old days) let those thoughts fly!
  7. Thanks Fish Eagle, that's really super of you! I'm working on a quick idea now, and will post a draft for comment... ... quick question... say if you go through Geocoin Netherlands, do you pay for the total production of geocoins (say 100 of them), and they then sell them for you and pass on the money, or do they just charge an admin fee, and make the rest from their own sales of the coin?
  8. Hey ZATeam, we're definitly interested in helping out! We also don't want to take for granted all the hard work you've already put in, though I'm sure if you post a couple of design ideas up, i'm sure the whole community would be interested in throwing in a couple of ideas. Wonder if Fish Eagle will let us use their SA flag design on the back of the coins?
  9. Hey Fish Eagle! We were wondering... how well do you think a set of "The Big 5" geocoins would do in the geocaching community (with an engraving of a rhino, elephant, etc. on the back)? Think everybody would scramble to complete the set? It is just a thought...anything to put S.A. on the map!
  10. hmmm... interesting... must be because of the accuracy jumping around... cos I don't think LOC could've reached 180km/h in their little peugot (unless it's equipped with rocket fuel ), or Brick's GPSr go beyond the speed of sound (unless he's got a superman costume under his clothing, and wears red underwear over his jean pant )
  11. 1973 km/h???? ha ha... faster than a speeding bullet, heh brick? who knows what the speed of sound is?
  12. Discombob... because Chuck respects any man who has climbed Table Mountain more than the local Koi-san. Cache Fan... who is always up for a challenge! Geocacher_coza... for all his hard work in meeting our ever-growing need for TB tags! RiverGod... well... she just appears a little nutty... but we're sure she's sweet on the inside M@X Meerkat... they're just great people! Cownchicken... wonderful old crazy couple with an incredible passion for geocaching!
  13. GlobalRat... because we know that we're going to get a hiding everytime we do one of his caches Brick... because he's got this crazy personality to him, that you can't help but laugh! QFC... Chuck just can't compete with this man when it comes to the ladies! oh! and for geocachingranking.com!!! LOC.. because they sure know how to drive! Plus they have some cute mascots in the team CrystalFairy... because they don't do anything half-measured! TeamTGF... because they're one overly hyper-active family! Fish Eagle... for what they have contributed to geocaching in that lovely province of theirs!
  14. alright, alright... we know this might seem a little sentimental, and we've only been geocaching for a year, though we feel that too much negativity is always highlighted in our country... ... so we're gonna mention a couple of people, and why we love them! ...and we know we haven't had the chance to personally meet every geocacher yet, though if you've got someone special in mind, post away! Why Chuck loves...
  15. Hi all! Just need to pick your brains for a sec... We've got a friend over from New Zealand, who leaves for home on the 27th Feb, and we would like to take him on a little camping, holiday , drinking trip just outside of joburg on the weekend of the 23rd Feb. If anyone knows of any reasonable self-catering accomodation which is about 1 - 2 hours outside of joburg, please let us know, as we think that the word-of-mouth from fellow geocachers is much better than searching for days on the internet. We also hoping to find a place with some sort of water activities (a dam or lake), as we were originally looking at Warmbaths, but they're all booked out on that weekend for a conference. Thanks guys!
  16. Congratulations! We always seem to be a little late with these things, but what the heck Crystal Fairy 500 - and for organising a great event! Team TGF 200! Congrats to MaxMeerkat on their engagement!
  17. It's always the minority that spoils it for the majority Adding our 2 little cents here (and agreeing with the majority of cachers here), we've always believed that geocaching has taken us to places we would have never thought of ever visiting, and hence why we love this game! As long as all caches are placed in "legal" zones, we've got no problem at all - but it just takes one geocacher to get eaten by a lion, because of a stupid cache placement, for the Parks Board then to call the whole game off for everybody. This is also where the local cachers come in: if you see a new cache listing that is pointing towards a "no-go" area, then just make your voices heard to your nearest moderator happing caching!
  18. Just a quick post after Crystal Fairy's Mazda Adventure Event Cache: We couldn't help but notice that the top 10 winners tended to have a very high speed logged on their GPSr... or maybe it was just part of the strategy Our winner, and top-speeder of the day, LOC: yes, that does say 180 km/h! Rod n Joan also gave them a good fight @ 162km/h Team TGF was also a little scary @ 142 km/h Any other geocacher think they could beat them?
  19. Just picked up ours today: "Mechelen, Belgium" Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug I see Noddy has also got one heading that direction - hmmm... will see if ours can tag along with yours noddy! Team Farmers
  20. just had a quick thought.... what if there was a different bonus cache every month, where you can get an extra 10 points if your bug visits that cache in that particular month? could make the journey more interesting bonus thought: what if the bonus cache counted for 100 points, and moved from province to province each month? just to make everything fair and objective, you could publish the list of bonus caches (and their respective months) before-hand - then just sit back and watch those TB's fly!!
  21. CONGRATS GUYS!!!!! { everybody wants to be like chuck }
  22. hey QFC, since this race is being done to the theme of highlander, maybe all future race updates should be done with a scottish acsent? ... and wouldn't it be cool if you wore a kilt while typing the updates ...........? Go Little Penguin Farmer!!!
  23. Awesome photo Brick, you're quite photogenic! Basic Garmin GPS: R1600 Fuel to Mpumulanga: R500 Climbing a mountain to find an ice-cream bucket filled with toys, and not being able to find a way down: priceless
  24. ha ha you just gotta love this topic popping up all the time don't worry max, we agree with you.... and i think i've figured out why it happens: you see... it's a little bit pricey to buy a lock 'n lock container, so your next best option is an ice-cream tub... though if you've noticed... geocachers are starting to become really healthy now-a-days, and are watching that ever-increasing waistline... so would rather opt for a couple of Windhoek lights than a bowl of ice-cream And that's why there are soooo many micros! But I wouldn't worry... digital camera's are taking over, so soon there will be no more film canisters to place!
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