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Hi there. Found GeoCaching by mistake and found my first cache on the same day, however, I used it as a test as I knew the answer (virtual cache). That got thinking about doing another one. Had probs converting co-ordinates so I contacted SP and he helped me out, so I suppose - SP - you have another adoptee! I'll try not to be too much of a pain. Working on number 2 now.


Looking forward to playing more. Based in Bucks.

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Shetland – If you live here or are coming here on holiday or work basis then I am more than happy to show you around. You will need to provide the transport though for Unst, Fetlar, Yell or North Mainland, or be prepared for a good walk around the Lerwick Area!! I have a spare GPS, so if you don’t have one and want to see what it is all about before lashing out the money you may borrow it whilst we are out together.


Offer is open until end of November 2005, after which time I may be becoming nomadic again. Scotland beckons! I am usually available from Friday afternoon to Wednesday morning.



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Nice going davester :D


I always wonder about emailing new cachers but don't like to spam people. I have some info in my profile about the forums just in case anybody looks

I have been watching geocache for a while now and I must admit it has been a little confusing and there have been a lot of questions I would have liked to ask of an experienced user. These are newbie questions that you feel silly asking so having someone adopt-a-newbie sounds like a good idea to me and there is nothing wrong in email the person to tell them that if they want help it is there for them.


On a up note I have finally gone out looking for a cache and found it  and this gave be a great buzz even though it was an easy one, I retrieved a travel bug which want to go where I a going so it has set me off to a great start. I’ve got hooked on geocacheing and can’t wait to start looking for more.

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I'm coming over to London for a few days in July (from South Africa) and would like to find a couple of caches while there. I would appreciate some assistance in people letting me know which caches are available in the London area. Thanks.

Beeelimey. There are loads of caches in London.


I recommend looking at Teasel's excellent Interactive Map. If still unsure I have no doubt a London based cacher will be delighted to help.


Good luck and hope you have a great trip.

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If anyone wants help with the ropes we will be pleased to help . We are in Mid Glamorgan, South Wales and go out as far as Neath to the north, and Barry, Porthcawl and Swansea on the coast. Anywhere else within about a 20 miles radius we tend to get out to. This is a really helpful idea for anyone wanting to learn how to use a gps well and to get some really good tips.

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I live in on the isle fo Bute, and I would appreciate if anyone could give me a bit of assistance. I had a GPS but it failed and has been returned to the suppliers for a replacement. I have a colleague on the Bute forum who has given a bit of advice, but if there is anyone who wants to take me under their wing then that would be nice. I can be contacted at robert@mcgowan-joiners.co.uk




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new family here in Halifax, don't really need adopting as such, found our first cache last night - so guess what we are doing this weekend.

Being quite social animals are there any child friendly group events going on in Yorkshire where we could meet others?


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I'd be happy to help out showing people the ropes in the East Midlands area. Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough, Leicester and further north or south. Try not to go to far into the black country though the brummie accent scares me. :blink:



Team Nottrikk

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im available to help anyone in and around whitby nth yorkshire

Hi all


Im a complete newbie to this so im looking for help in using my GPS and how to go about looking for new walks to get me out of the house and find these cache's


Any help would be great guys.



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Anyone in the South Lincolnshire area, near to Stamford, Peterborough able to show me the ropes?

I recommend Stamford Taurus when you have a few finds under your belt. The 'clue hunt' around the town is great fun but the actual final cache box is tricky to find.


I hope you get hooked up with someone to help you out soon and perhaps they could take you on Stamford Taurus.


Sorry but it is a bit of a trek for us out there.

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Greetings! We're back, having assumed a new team name. Unlike The Doctor, however, it's just a name change!


Happy to help in NORN IRON (You know where!). Drop us a line!


How's about a new catagory for newbies to post in, rather than using the same thread.


Whateva, safe... in-it.

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