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  1. it was called nottingham canal cache no its called nottingham canal cache revisited
  2. hi i placed a cache that was subsiquently destroyed by fire, as i was busy i could not replace it. I was asked by someone if they could adopt/replace the cache, in a slightly different position. What are the rules about me finding and logging this cache
  3. hi the link you left seems to go no where sorry bountyhunter1
  4. hi was wondering if there is any geocaching software for nokia mobile phones i just downloaded some cache pages in pdf to view on my nokia n70 and i was wondering if there was any software available to use such as gsak maybe cheers bountyhunter1
  5. hi can anyone tell me if there are any caches near or in kusadasi in turkey please
  6. I did a cache about a month ago in derbyshire, it was a slog of 250 to 300 feet up a steep bank, when i got to the cache there was no pen in the box so i couldnt sign the log but there was however a camera so i described the cache and its contents to the owner and took a piccy of myself.
  7. actually you can get a reading indoors but not always but yes it is best used outside
  8. thanks guys i think i got it sorted now but if i have any more truble i will get back to you
  9. im on cable but when i run spoiler sync it goes through the process of searching but every cache comes up no spoiler , ive cheched some of the caches its checked and they have got spoilers, have i forgotten to click a box or something
  10. Question I have GSAK and Spoiler Sync. I download pocket queries from Geocaching dot come one a week for my home co ords, do i need to tick a box or anything download spoilers with my pocket quierie and cache mate on the palm m130
  11. Excuse me can you help me please? Would you mind showing me how to use this Gps'r?, would you mind if i take your piccy to show the folks back home how helpfull you were
  12. My back Garden love to come if the dates are ok. Camping or Caravan would be good, or if its a day meet then Sunday
  13. Bountyhunter from the Star Wars Movies and i love Star Wars Movies Cheers Bountyhunter1 PS Did i tell you i love Star Wars Movies
  14. I,ve just had a disposable camera film developed from my Nottingham Canal cache and there were no dodgy pics on the film a few dodgy folks maybe
  15. Hi If you ever feel the need dont hesitate to contact us. If you start imagining things like this again call this number 08457 90 90 90 the Samaritans always there to help in times of dyer trouble
  16. The Nottingham canal cache pics are on the cache page if people would like to identify themselves Here
  17. Hi Does anyone know if we have had blanket permission to place caches on British Waterways property, ie at the side of canals and rivers etc
  18. I will help any newbie in the Ilkeston area of Derbyshire
  19. Try ebay get an etrex yellow for about £50 there are some cheaper ones around but dont know what there like ive had a yellow for a couple of years now no probs
  20. i can buy a cable from the states for about $50 +p&p +taxes that links the palm m130 to the garmiin e.trex and powers the palm at the same time via a cigarette lighter socket if needed but i want to find somewhere in the uk that sells the same thing
  21. hi I want to connect my palm m130 to my Garmin etrex yellow and power the palm or both in the car, not just the palm as this has shop bought batteries and the palm doesnt. Ive found a place in the states that does them for about $50 +p&p but not in the uk. Ive tried searching the net but to no avail. anyone got one they want to sell or knows were i can get one. cheers Bountyhunter1
  22. hi no they havnt logged there visit yet . im on holiday for a long weekend this weekend so i will leave it till i get back give them chance to log
  23. Sorry but it looks to me a WAIST of money or to put it bluntly MONEY DOWN THE TOILET
  24. Hi I retrieved a TB from a cache the other day only to find that the person that placed it there hadnt logged that they had placed it. Anyone tell me what i can do. Ive e.mailed the last person to have it but not heard anything yet. Is there anyway i can get it into my possesion so i can place it elsewhere. Cheers Bountyhunter1
  25. The Dolphin The Angel The Black Horse The Golden Fleece The Middle Earth The Duke of York The Granby The Tap and Spile The Board ??? The Wellington or Duke of Wellington and a few more that i cant remember due to being under the influence of to much fresh Whitby air and quiet a few more that i have tried all sell real ale. There are a few caches within walking distance weather a couple of hundred yards or about 2.5 miles and some within a short drive. All i do is put in a Whitby post code ie the Hotel your stopping in and see what comes up. Been going to Whitby with friends every January for a weekend for the last 6 years brill. Try the duke of york for ale and food. I have no finacial interest in any of the above places apart from the fact that of the last 6 years i have spent a small fortune in these premises
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